Lists and Blurbs

Lately I've been getting on track of NaNoWriMo (it's almost over! :O ) So I've been watching a lot of TV, Doctor Who, The Office, various movies, and such in my free time (such as now.).
The other day my friend and I were talking about actors (particularly the pretty ones, hurrr), and I've just been thinking of my favorites, and I feel the need to make a list. Yeah, you've been warned.
So here's a list of my favorite actors/actresses. :) Complete with pictures (woo!).

In no particular order...

1. David Tennant

What can I say? He's just amazing. In both Harry Potter 4 and Doctor Who(and even in Hamlet :D). He is too cool, British, AND extremely funny. I love all of his movies, and his hair.

2. Ben Barnes
He's too cute, haha. I may not have liked him as much in his role as Caspian, but I think he did an awesome job as Dorian Gray and his hair is so volumptuous. I think his hair looks good at any length too, short included. (:

3. Catherine Tate
A couple patterns you seeing? Great hair and a lot of these people are British. (: Catherine is really quite funny, and I loved her as Donna Noble. I'm looking forward to seeing her in the new Gulliver's Travels movie. Gonna be awesome. :D

4. Emma Watson
I love her new haircut by the way (though I don't have a picture at the mome.) Of course I love her as Hermione Granger, but I thought she was also cute in The Tale of Despereaux(but I don't really like that movie. :P)

5. Angelina Jolie
I like a lot of her movies, like Salt. Although she disturbingly reminds me of Dren from Splice. O_o Haha, I'm not really sure what her latest movie is about though. :)

5. Johnny Depp
Every movie he's ever been in has become an instant fave for me. He is just so cool. I loved him in POTC, Edward Scissorhands, Alice in Wonderland, Corpse Bride. Though I barely understood The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, I thought he did great in that movie as well.
I can't believe they're making another POTC movie though! D:

6. Nicole Kidman
Her hair is all purty when it's red! She's just a great actor in general. She did great in Moulin Rouge and Bewitched, and various other places that I've seen her in.

So I feel like I'm going on and on about random stuff, so I'll stop now, haha. Those are just a few peeps that interest me. Any preferences of yours that you'd like to share? I'm sure I've forgotten some.
I just remembered two more guys.
Gaspard Ulliel
 (french hottness. O.O)
and Colin Morgan :)
Hahahaha, Merlin. :D

Anyway...  So that was my blurb of the day. Excited to see the new version of Tron, haha, and Burlesque. (:



Catch Phrases, Singing, & Insanity

As always.

NaNoWriMo has begun! And you all know what that means! Yeah! You don't get to hear from me for a whole month if you're lucky! WHOO!
But in case you're not... I'll post a mini interview I had with Scott Westerfeld(because I know that aaalll of you want to know what's goin' down.)

Anywayyy.... I was talking about catch phrases? Not sure why I put that up there anyway. I guess it's because a catch phrase inspired me (NO, not to write another story, sillies!) for a little twist in the plot of my NaNoWriMo 2012(wow, aren't I being productive!).
I feel so happy. Oh, and I thought of a name for my main character(besides Billiam), but I won't tell you, because I am an evil sorceress!! >:D

I've also decided to make Oliver Cohen a more prominent character in TLA(Turn Loose the Angels). If you people don't know who in the name of Merlin's pants this guy is, then here is a picture. I probably have mentioned him before in a low mumble to myself....
I drew this on my tablet the other day. He makes me laugh, hahahaha. And if you're wondering what he's looking at, it's Evil, probably making some sort of snide comment. Heh. Oliver is so awesome, and now he's been made somewhat more of a mjor character. Yay!
And also, if you didn't already know, he has a twin sister Ophelia. but alas, I don't have a picture of her. Sad.

So on Monday, the first day of NaNo, I was going insane because I was so happy. My music was blaring and I was singing very very loudly. The insanity began from there, I'm sure. I'm pretty behind, and I should be using this time to write, but I am seeeerriously procrastinating now. It's been a couple hours. D:

I need to write! I give up, my fellows have convinced me that I'm procrastinating too much. So long guys!

"Freakin' God!!"

Quantum Physics

Hum dee dum hummm... Ha! You silly people thought this was going to be about Quantum Physics? Trust me guys. I'm not that crazy. Most of the time.
Anyway, I went to the homepage of this site to check things out and I saw the last post I made. At first I thought it said "Quantum Physics" so I was kinda like "?!?!". I then realized it said  "Quicky Pics." Heh.
I've been so busy lately, what with the camping trip, Halloween, and NaNoWriMo coming up soon. But, garwsh, when am I not busy? I need to think of another excuse.
Today, I spent a lot of my time just browsing the pulchritudinous of deviantART. I love that site. :)
I never told you guys that I got a tablet for my birthday! <3 It's amazing. I made a lot of crappy doodles with it already, but I still love it. Here's some stuff:
A little promo picture of a short story I wrote. I may continue it later. It's just about a girl who sees herself as hideous, causing other people to see her the same way. The only compliment she's ever gotten was on her hair. Yeah.. that's pretty much the nubby plotline there. ^^

Um. This is the first thing I drew on the tablet... at like 11:30 at night. I was still trying to figure out how a new program worked as well.
And an awkwardly drawn Snape. Just what everyone wants. Yay!
So I've been busy. Follow-up post coming soon!

Just trippin'


Quicky Pics!

Scanner's working! Here's a couple of my latest pictures.

This is a guy. Just a random blue-haired dude. I got bored one day... O_o

And there is.. Salt. Anyone of you peeps seen that movie? I thought it was interesting. I just wanted to see if I could draw her. Hmph. Oh and by the way, most of these you can click to make bigger I think.

Um. Ew? I haaaate this picture. Didn't turn out right at all. This is a would-be character-in-the-making. I'll have to redesign her because she looks much much much too mature. Ick.

Just a girl, haha. I got bored and just tried a new way of shading on her arm/hand. Which... is not my style. Can't do it for now. I'll just stick to my style, haha.

Bridgette Hark. A character in that carnival story I've been talking about. Usually she does not look like this. She's almost never serious. This is just that one (count it) one time in the story where she is completely serious. It shows the true physcopathicness of her nature. Kinda weird, huh? The scanner doesn't do this picture justice.

And finally one of my favorites. It's all colorful and happy. ^^ I had fun doing this one, but please don't ask me what it means; (because I don't know) just interpret it any way you want. :)

Well that's the end of that art show. I've recently got a brand new ginormous printer/scanner/copier/doohicky, so it's much much easier to use. Which means I'll update with pictures more often. Yay! Hahaha.

Chitty-chitty bang-bang we love you,

P.S. Oh! And I got Behemoth!!! YESSSS! :D Okay. Bye for realsss!

Oh, the Things We Could Do

If we only knew!

Bonjour, my  minions deciples! Apologies to all. I've been wanting to post for three days now, but I've been busy with a science project. But *yay* it's done. ^^

Today is my birthday, but we have much more important things to discuss! Aaaah! *freakyfanaticscream* Behemoth has been released, and I'm gonna diiieee! I absolutely cannot wait to read it (after I finish The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown [good book, good book.]). I'm also kinda blegh because Scott can't make it to the west coast for his tour. But if you're reading this, have fun! I know you'll be busy, but stay in touch! :D
Howeeever.... I've RSVPed already for a live chat with Monsieur Westerfeld on November 2nd. I don't know how many spots are left, but you can still get in... I think?
*excited* Anyhow.

So I've got a lot of pictures done, but my scanner isn't up and running now (audience: *aww*). I may upload them later in a shorty post, but as for now I don't gots none. But here:
This is a meme I did on deviantART. If you can't see it... which you must be superhuman if you can... then click on it and it will be larger. I hope. D:
I did this before Behemoth came out, obviously, from the last picture.

On the other hand, OLL has finally reset the NaNoWriMo pages! Now you can upload your new novelling stuffs and start from scratch. You can also add 2009 to your history if you participated last year. :)

Well, for now that's all I've got. Happy Leif Erickson Day! (I'm actually two days early. Heh.)

Barking spiders!,


Oh, It's Only Begun

Yes, yes it has.

A shout out to everyone who reads this insane thing I call a blog: Love you!
And I didn't say that just because I'm about to start one of my crazy streaks.

As a lot have noticed, I don't post as often as I'd like to (yeah right. pssh. what am I doing here with my time??).  School and dance and whatnot. *cough*notthatI'msketchingallthetime*coughcough* I just haven't the time to do anything these days. I'm slowly and surely playing the piano more often (very slowly, mind you). Practicing with Neutron Star Collision for all the awesome people who know what that is. (And if you don't, do not go all up in google looking it up so you can be awesome too, haha). Yush, so anyway... To be frank, I've been sketching more than often, but less than I'd like, but I still have other things to do, etc. If that made sense to you, welcome, my friend, to Planet Insanity. I'm sure you'll recognize a few people here.
Paragraph Break! Ha.
One more. And now, for the daily grammatical lesson of yours truly. Lesson: Do not eeeevvver make grammatical errors in front of me(or behind me or next to me). I mean, you could, but I guarantee the next thing I say will annoy you if you don't like being corrected, and today my new friend has showed me why this is such an important thing.
YES! So pleeeease use your commas wisely. And don't mix up "than" and "then." That's just trying to bug me, eh?
Moving on! Allons-y!

Some of you have noticed the little countdown dinglehopper (or as Ten might say: timey-wimey, wibbly-wobbly, mess-of a-thing). And it's exactly that! Or really a coutdown to the release of Behemoth!! Yesss! My amazing friend Scott let me use it for the time-being. I so happy, hee hee.
I am so very excited for the release, two days before my birthday, AND Zombies vs. Unicorns has come out! I am heading to the nearest book store to get it. I. Am. Hysteric.
Holly Black is so going down! Bwahahaha!
Back to Behemoth of course. I am very annoyed to say that Scott has found an awesome artist before me.
This is a nice example, but I never pictured Alek with brunette hair. Huh. I always pictured him blonde, but oh well, I think I remember something mentioning this color. Ha, well this is Allison B. Thomas, an awesome artist who can draw hands with ease (a life's dream for me, as some of you know). Oh, and caption-wise: this is a little picture that Scott commissioned with Alek and Deryn.
I'll try to feature some other artists I find later on. I have a few in mind already. :D

Well, I'm hoping this isn't too long, so I'll close it up now. (Too many pictures in this post. ^^)

Two-fro an Afro,


Bipolar Maniacs & Unfortunate Alliances

"So it doesn't have a name?"
"As a great man once said, 'to define is to limit.'" She winked.
"That man was a fictional character."
"And so are you if you think about it."

Ten cookies to whoever can figure out which two people are included in that conversation. ;D

Well, many apologies to anyone who has been waiting for my next post. My internet's been down for more than two weeks now, and I've been limited in its use. I've also just been settling into school (and I know some of you have just started). However, (and excuse me if I get off-topic and start typing song lyrics) I am very excited to tell you all about my new ideas for another story (good heavens, yes) that some of you already know of. Most don't, so here we go.

This will be my NaNoWriMo for 2012 (wow I plan ahead) and currently the story has no name. But hey, The Last started that way too, and see where that is. :) Anyway, I've got several drawn-out characters already, although the main character has no name (which should come first, I know). I have a couple other characters I'm thinking about adding as well, but I've got doubts.
The main sitch is that this guy (let's call the main character Billiam for now)... Billiam is a struggling writer in Victorian London who needs a break very, very badly. He ends up stumbling upon a carnival(which he could have sworn was not there before *heh*) that has absolutely no name.
The person in charge, also the ringmaster, is named Jaqueline. No surname, just Jaqueline. Jackie is never seen in a different mood than the smirk on her face and the tip of her hat. Not many know much about her.
There are many many unique acts in the carnival, inlcuding a Were-fox named Warren(he's... weird. and color-blind), a bipolar maniac named Cassidy Thomas(she's the one who manages the carnival's income and money and boring stuff like that), and a dancing doll named Lorraine. Lorraine has troubles with herself, condsidering she knows she's not even supposed to be alive.
In fact, most of the people in this story have troubles.
Haunting the area is the personification of fear itself. No, he's not a ghost. I'm not into that stuff. His name is Jabber.
Sorry if it's a tad bit dark, but it's one of the best pictures I've got him. Well best that I have on hand. The rest are in my sketchbook. (And trust me, he is so painstakingly difficult to draw.) So Jabber's basic description is that he steals children in the night, he has one injured eye(hence the squinting one in every picture, mind you), he can't handle sun or light (cliche, but that's how his eye was hurt), and he can possess a person/create new life in his control. Thus, creating Hanna Nereshade.
Hanna is a suductive demon-type creature, in which she can take the souls of anyone daring to get too close. Her dead giveaway that she's part of Jabber is that her eyes are a glowing yellow, an unfortunate gene that always is passed down to his creations.
Now, for the alliance, Jaqueline is somehow affiliated with Jabber, and I'm not going to tell how or why, because that will just spoil the whole thing, now won't it? I'm especially excited about this little plunnie here. It's rather sad actually, but that's all good. ;)
So Billiam of course has to fit in somewhere. Billiam's been hired to write something for an act(in which I'm still developing the character for that particular act), and he just can't help but notice a couple out-of-place items in his new home. The ringmaster may be hiding a few things. Well, actually OF COURSE she has to be hiding something. No one can be that cool without having some sort of evil motive. Eh, but I'm not saying she's evil. Just insanely clever.

So that's about it. I hope I haven't forgotten anything. I've thought this out pretty well I think. And I can tell that Panic! at the Disco is going to be my favorite thing to listen to when I write this. Brenden Urie just has the perfect voice, and their music is where I've gotten most of these ideas from. :D

Rather long post, me thinks. Me also thinks I should close this. Gotta love that good grammar from back in the day. ^^



Hair Dye & Tea

How does Alice deal with all the insanity? I can barely hold it all in my head, let alone deal with others' craziness. Yes, I drew that picture a week ago. There's little me in Alice's dress all "wth do I do now?!" n' stuff. I think it turned out "okay" eh?

I've been drawing like mad lately. I haven't had the chance to upload any but the above because I'm lazy. Loads of plunnies have been floating around lately. It's allergy season for my writing community. :D
I have successfully thought of (get ready for this, peeps. not reccommended for the queasy or the pregnant) two new story ideas, a myriad new scenes for NaNoWriMo 2011(useful, isn't it? O.o), and a change of hair color for my character, the lovable Jeff Waylin, hahaha.
Don't worry all you blonde fans. I'm sure I won't turn Jeff's hair black. It's too sudden for those faint-of-heart. He probably wouldn't even be the same goofy kid that we all know, haha.
As for the two story ideas... I'm trying to meld them into one at the moment, but we all know that it won't work, now don't we? This is how fate treats the insane ones. I'm putting money on the table that one idea will be used for script frenzy.
Well, sorry for such a short post in such a long time. I've got so much to do now that school is coming up. Oh, and before I forget.

There's me in steampunk-ness. Happy now, Sarah? :D

Off to see the wizard,


I Will be Chasing Your Starlight

Title in reference to what I'm listening to at the moment. Starlight by Muse. ^^

Ugh. I am strangely bereft to ideas on what to write about. Please people, tell me what you want in a blog that you read. I'm so oblivious.

Well, recently, I bought Leviathan in hardback because I couldn't wait a month longer. So far, it's amazing, and I think I'm falling in love with Steampunk all over again. Later, I'll draw a picture and show it to you guys. The 2nd book in the trilogy, Behemoth, comes out in October this year, and Goliath exactly a year after. I am extremely excited. So is Hannah because she's really gotten into it to.
So Disney has come out with a new pin collection called "The Mechanical Kingdom," a steampunk version. I think its great, and I'll probably have to get at least one next time I go. I personally think that they should come out with a ride for it. Scott agrees with me, lol.
Yay! My friend Brianna has finally opened up her site to the public. It's called WHCCC and it's a site for critique on writings that you make and can post there. Very helpful for a writer. You can get some good honest answers.

Anyway... recently I've also found out that my dad's boss and a friend from Boston really wants to buy my NaNoWriMo story. O.o So, against my vows as it is, I'm putting it up for sale soon sometime in August perhaps. So if any of you are crazy enough to actually buy it from me, I'll give you the link when it's there.

I guess I found something to tell you all. But, please, still tell me what you want out of this. Just wanting to make sure this is not a waste of time for you all, haha.

Happy trails,


Doodle Gallery

Lately, I know that you've noticed, I've been coloring a lot of pictures after scanning them. So some of you may know that during the school year, I had this journal for The Last that was called Dreams and Adolescence. It had lots of doodles, especially ones from Turn Loose the Angels (which I have no idea how this pertains to The Last, lol).
Here are some colored versions of those doodles. :)

Here are a couple of TLTA characters. (left to right) top: Dominic Campian(Love), Kate Darcy, Alice Hadeson(Death) bottom: Ginger(name will probably change) Darcy, James Darcy
These are the boys of Cerridan University(minus Oliver). Shaun(leftmost) is Ginger's scottish boyfriend. He's just awesome like that. Middle is Dominic and then James. I really love the expression on Dominic's face. Being Love, he knows a lot about how much havoc the girls can bring up. xD
Ginger again. I'm pretty sure that her name will change. I really dislike it. :P
I like this picture of Kate. She always has problems like this when working with Alice.

This is probably my favorite of all of my Edgar pictures. He's just so hilarious and oblivious to the blood. Poor, poor Evil.

Another two posts in one day. Hmph. I'm getting too excited with this, haha. I'm off to draw more pictures of Evil. I must master drawing him, because of course he's the hardest for some reason.

Consumed in Evil,
Keep smilin',

Flabby Season

Ah, yes. Summer. The season of flabby children sitting and playing video games all day.
Okay, maybe not with everybody.
I certainly do not sit all summer, but I also do not excersise like I do during the school year. Ick. I can't balance anymore (I've lost my ballerina-ness xD), I can only just barely do the spilts, and I can't even ride a bike up a steep hill. Well, actually the only person I know that can ride up that hill is Alison, my super-human, in-shape, ninja-powered friend. But still. I am so out of shape. :P
Yesterday, Hannah and Alison rode their bikes over to my house at 12:45. Anyone who knows me during the summer knows that I'm still drinking coffee and in my pajamas at 12:45. They're all in their clothes and biking backpacks and converse. I'm all still half-awake, with a giant cup of coffee, and my hair's a mess. So we talk for awhile, and then they head off to go on the bridge and wave at people on the highway.
They come back about two hours later, and I'm awake this time. I took a shower, put on make-up and clothes. So then we went over to Alison's for pizza and a short stop. After, we rode over to Hannah's house, over the hill.
Hannah and I are the average kid at our school. We don't excersise unless we absolutely have to. We're both kinda slowly making our way up, and Alison's all up ahead like "wow, this is easy!" I laugh so hard. :D
We make it her house, which of course the rest of the ride is easy. We end up spending an hour or two coloring this giant wizard poster like crazy. It's amazing looking now. x)
On the way back home however, I had to go back up the hill, lol. Nice.
So yesterday I excersised for probably the first time this season. *yay*

I also made two more pictures. I think they're okay. It took me less time now.
So this was okay I think. I had trouble drawing this one.

This I really like the colors in. C+C for these??

Off to go work today. I'll probably be back around 2:00 or 3.

Workin' hard for her money,



So remember when I told you about me getting better at coloring? I've tried a different style this time, and I want you to give some C+C. (Sorry if this is a boring post. 11:00 in the morning is way too early for me.)
That literally took an hour or two, zoomed into 400%. I kinda like it...?
Yesterday the British gave in and I no longer have to buy a British DVD player! Yayyyy! I bought Dorian Gray and watched the movie until midnight (also an earthquake happened. 3.6). It was rated R, which I found funny because in the book it wasn't like that. The movie was actually pretty good, but a couple times, the camera angles had spasms, and some of the blood effects were... eh. Other than that, I think the English did a pretty good rendition on Oscar Wilde's classic. I've also heard that the story is making a nice comeback. People are buying it more.
Ben Barnes did a wonderful portraying of Dorian, and I think he did an awesome job. In the book, Dorian Gray was blonde with blue eyes, but I could never imagine him any other way without black hair and brown eyes. Ironic how Ben Barnes looks a lot like Oscar Wilde himself.
I think that there was a nice life lesson added, and I rather enjoyed how Harry was used in the movie. He represented an influence and possibly a Devil's Advocate. Poor Dorian however had no parents or family to lead him right from wrong. Oh! And they also used one of my favorite quotes from the book, although Emily said it instead of Harry. :P
Anyway... that was pretty offtopic. All in all, I enjoyed the movie, but in the same time do not reccommend it for small children. Lots of sexual content, blood, (severed body parts?), and some drug use. Not something to show anyone earlier than 13.  So beware, strict parents!
Well, I'm off to doodle some more in my new sketchbook (whee!).

Never a skeptic or cynic,
Junior polemist,


You Know We Have a Hammock?! O.o

As a couple of you peeps know, yesterday I came home from a trip to a lakehouse with a couple besties. It was pretty awesome. There were twenty or so people up there, and it was soooo fantabulous. Our house is close enough to reach a park by walking, and we have the biggest beach.
So while my best friend and I were hanging out on the water trampoline, Evan, Anthony, Sammy, and Jeremy(my best bud) walked over to the park. They somehow got cought up in a conversation with a random kid. His name was Tyler (no idea what last name was) and he was a Freshman in high school this year. In my opinion, he was not pretty. O.o So here's a little snippet of their conversation.

Tyler: Huh, I'm a wrestler. (He did NOT look like one.)
Sammy: That's... great. *is totally not attracted to this guy*
Anthony: *raises eyebrow*
Tyler: So where do you guys live?
Anthony: *still suspicious* ...
Evan: *being pretty dense* Oh... ya know, over theeerrreee *gestures to the house, but not specifically*
*long conversation goes here. lots of awkward pauses*
Jeremy: *in the background* thinks to self: pfft, these dummies.
Tyler: Guh, I really just want to lay in your guyses hammock.
Sammy: O.o
Anthony: o.O
Evan: *totally retarded* You know we have a hammock?!?!?!?!1!!!@1! *is such a blonde*
Tyler: Durhur, well aren't you guys the house on the very end?
Sammy: *stares*
Jeremy: *holy sh***
Anthony: Urm.....
Evan: Yeah.

Okay, so has this guy been stalking us previously too?!?!?

Somehow they got away from him at the park and got back to us and told everything.
But... dun dunn dunnnnnn...!
Tyler comes back just as the sun is setting. He asks my best friend to play ping-pong *casually* and learns our names, what we do, what city we're from, how old we are, etc. She fails at ping-pong, so now of course I have to play. I forgot that I was wearing a bikini top and some short jean shorts.
Somehow he ends up getting my phone number. But *snicker* just my luck, he got the wrong area code. So I'm hoping that he won't be calling me any time.
Later, it gets dark, and the bats are starting to come back out. Hannah(best friend) and I are freaking out because of mosquitoes (plus Tyler) so we escape inside.
We're sitting at the counter, eating and talking about random stuff. We both turn to the sink to get some water. When we turn around, guess who is sitting at the bar now? Holy crap it's Tyler. He followed us in our house.
So we have another really awkward conversation. The entire time he was staring at bikini me. Why not bikini Hannah, for God's sake?! Nope. Just me.
My mom comes in later and her face is all "Holysh**whyisthiskidhereandwhereisyourshirtkatelyn?!?!?!?!"
So she tells Hannah and I to go put on some clothes and leads us down the hall to our rooms. Tyler, of course, tries to follow us. At that moment, Raquel, Jeremy's awesome mom, comes in like "In your DREAMS, perverted freak!!!" and chases him out of the house.
A change of costume later, Hannah and I go back outside, and Tyler sits next to us. O.o My mom sits in between us on purpose. *shield* But later, he moves to the OTHER side of us. That's when my mom is all "You girls should go inside and take a shower." Hannah's like "I'm too lazy," and so am I, until I understand she was trying to get us away from Tyler again. O.O
So Hannah and I give in and run inside the house. Jeremy (the cooliest) is casually standing next to the door with a bat.
We hide out in our room with the door locked and blinds closed all night. Awesome, right?

So Tyler leaves at 10:00. The next day, Hannah and I are too tired to leave the house. Apparently, from what we heard, Tyler came back wondering where we were. My dad, being kind of scary when you look at him, Russ (Athony and Jeremy's extremely intimidating tall dad), and Jeremy chase him off our property for good.
So we're safe from my stalker pretty much, cuz he didn't come back. The next day he kind of wandered along the edge of property with a friend, but we didn't see him after that, thank God.
So that is the stalker story of the year for ya. I hope he never figures out my real area code, cuz I really don't want to change my number. :P
For all of you people out there who wish to stalk me... don't. Just don't. Or I may have to unleash a couple years of practice with a switchblade on you.

Buying more lethal objects,
Desiring some sort of depth of insight,


I Keeps Ze Holes

Two posts in one day?! How abnormally freakish!

(Yes, I am slowly getting to title explanation)

Lately, I've been reading a lot. Naturally, all of you frequent readers can guess what happens next. I'm genuinely serious when I say that I've found my NaNoWriMo 2011! Yay?
This started with one character that I thought was much too cute to pass up. His name is Maxwell Snow, your average British rich business man. I suck at drawing him, so I can only give you a description.  Max's auburn hair is usually combed back and attempted to be neat, however it's nearly always messy. He has bright green eyes(a current obsession of mine) and is almost always dressed for success. This kind of character is just someone you have the urge to either destroy or fix. I chose fix. Specifically fix-his-life.
I started to build off other characters. I came up with two. One to help fix his life without knowing it, the other to push him a little harder.
Gwyneth Rowe(Or Gwyn for most of the time) is Maxwell's ex-best friend. He used to live in London, and they were close. He promised her that he'd stay forever (dun dunn dunnnnn) and then he moved to New York when he was 20. Five years later, she's still in London, hating his guts. Isn't that a nice story? (P.S. The pics are photoshopped ORIGINAL drawings that I drew. Lol I got much better at outlining; I founds tricks. PLEASE do not steal these!!)
I also added some fluff to Yvette Harris, Max's secretary. They don't have much background except for the fact that Mr. Snow has grown quite fond and trustworthy to his assistant. YES, I know she doesn't look much like a secretary (having two guns n' all), but trust me, this is not how she usually looks. Usually her hair is down, and she has wire-rimmed glasses and a dress suit. This is... well, to be explained in the future.

NOW for the title. I have a lot of the plot figured out. I couldn't help myself. I built it around character personalities. I've kept several holes in the plot though, several very important ones. I do this so it is utterly impossible to start writing. I am tempted too easily, and could never in my entire existence hold Pandora's Box. Ever.
So there's a little update in my novelling life (also I mentioned that I have a paperback edition of The Last in my hands!!!!!!! :DD). I hope you are somewhat satisfied with a tidbit like that?

Ba da buh buh buh,
I'm lovin' it,

Rawr, I've Returned

Dear Digressing Novelist,

Where are you, and why haven’t you been here lately?
Your many adoring fans and readers

Rooooooooooaaaaad Trrriiiippppp! *insert fake enthusiasm* Yes, I have gone on an insane road trip, leading to who-knows-where. As far as I understand, this trip goes from small-town Gilroy to the coasts of Santa Barbara to the lights of Las Vegas to the gargantuaness of the Grand Canyon and the arches of Zion National Park. Somehow, we make that entire thing into a loop.

Yesterday(June 22) we made the first of our six days together to Santa Barbara, and we stayed in the nearby town, Ventura. On the way, we stopped at a random Ostrich Farm that we saw off the side of the highway. I ended up feeding and petting ostriches and emus. Quite the experience of weirdness. Apparently, you have to use either a saw or a drill to open an ostrich egg. For all of you tourist-y readers this was just on the outskirts of Solvang, CA, which is also a cute little stop, because it’s a mini Dutch town. Very cute if you enjoy that kind of stuff.
We ended up eating dinner at Mimi’s CafĂ© at 10:30 at night because that was how late we made it to our hotel. The chefs probably spat in our food because they couldn’t go home. Believe it or not, they’re open until 11:00.
That was Day 1 for ya. The Craziness continued onto Day 2 in Vegas.

One thing about Las Vegas, NV: It’s just about the prettiest and ugliest city in the U.S. (And no, it’s not a
Stephenie Meyer quote. It only sounds like one. “The next day was better… and worse.”)

(At 103 degrees at 10:00 pm) The lights were fantabulous, and we had an equally fantabulous view from the Luxor hotel. (Best pool ever, by the way) Later we went to the old strip to see more of the lights and in the morning we left for the Grand Canyon in Arizona.
The Grand Canyon was nice; it began to rain lightly after awhile. Nice and cool, as opposed to the rest of the state. We stayed in a very nice Best Western with a bowling alley (which we spent our time in). The name I typed in for the game was "Egg" since my name didn't fit (Cursed 7 letters!).
After that we went BACK through the desert and up to St. George, Utah to go to Zion National Park. It was much like the Grand Canyon except you were in it not above it. It's gorgeous with the Virgin River flowing through it, lots of hanging gardens, and friendly squirrels. According to the locals the squirrels were extremely friendly so that they could fool you and bite off your hand. A couple times that day I screamed out "MAN-EATING SQUIRREL!" and people would look at me like "wth?".
Back through the desert once more, and we decided rather than staying in Barstow(nicknamed the armpit of California? I didn't want to be in any place called an armpit.) to return to bright and shiny Vegas. We stayed in the Circus Circus Hotel this time, being subjected to several clowns up and down the halls (much to my mom's horrror). The show was great and I won nearly every game on the midway with my awesome mad skills lol. Lot's of stuffed creatures.
The next day we were back in quaint Gilroy. I had only four days to complete The Last for Createspace. Somehow I managed and my book came in on July 13th!! (I argued with the company for over nine days). It looks amazing though, and I'm going to read it tonight! :D

So that was a very quick write-up of my road trip last month. Sorry, I've been too busy to write this.



What Time is It?!?

I think all of you know. But in case you're reading this in the morning, and you're like me, it's SUMMER TIMMMMEEEE!!!
Only FOUR more days of school this week, and the best part is that we're not doing anything anyway! :D
Mrs. Stocks, my core teacher who I guess that you just have to come to love, has assigned an optional project for us. It's a letter to yourself that you'll get in high school eventually. I love making those.
At first I had some trouble writing the letter to myself. (I know, that's a little disturbing. The Letter-Writing Novelist, not knowing what to write to herself.) But then I really got most of my current personality into it. Lots of random babbling and polemistic statements. Here's a little snippet:
"I do also hope that I'm not as much of a
digressing nub of a dabbler in literature
as I am at the past moment. Yesterday is
history... or should it be yesterday is now?
No... the future is now? .... Surely the future
is not now, rather than the future could be now
but isn't and should be, however it will most likely
never be. This is what I mean by digression and...
Don't you just love how I ramble? I know I do.
Well, I am just sooooo excited for summer, cuz it's gonna be great on the last day! Maybe when school's out I'll finally get some time to work on The Last. I only have until July 1st. O.o  ...
Well, that's a piece o' work right there.

Suddenly reminded of due-dates,


Stitching the Seams

Lady Narborough: "Everybody I know says you are very wicked."
Harry: "It is perfectly monstrous the way people go about nowadays saying things against one behind one's back that are absolutely and entirely true." --The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde

YEAAAHHH...! Everything has finally started to fall back together. I have begun to stitch over what had been ripped through the past few months.
Successfully, I have not only completed County Science Fair, but also placed! They don't tell you how or where you place until you reach the ceremony on the 11th of April, so I'm totally excited.
In addition, I have completed all of my projects for the quarter. :D (ABCs of  Geometry, Voltaire biography, science fair, etc. etc.) All of my deadlines are completely met and on time, so it's all good by now.
And.... it's spriiingggg breeeaaakkk!! Tomorrow is Easter(the second-best candy central of the year) and I am ready... to... reeee...laxx. ^_^
The Last is coming on nicely as well.
A status of all of my current stories:

The Last: in progress
Burning Roses: ? MIA!?
Turn Loose the Angels:  Pending for November (whoohoo!)
The Missing: Erm... MIA as well.. *shrug*
The Deadlight: So many good ideas, so less commitment xP

Well, if I forgot anything, I am sorry to that idea. (poor lonely idea, lost in the dark depths of the abyss called my brain). :P Have a good spring break everybody!

Happy as a squirrel,



Dear John Katelyn,
Umm... I know it's been a couple months from November and all... and during that month you were driven to hysterics and such, but... possibly, do you think that *maybe* I might be able to get my story finished? I know, yeah, you're super duper busy! I feel neglected. My world is falling apart by the very corners of your papers!
With love,
Rowan Belikov

I sincerely suggest that you get to work, in the most respectful way possible, please, on The Last. It has come to my attention that my grandmother and I have both been standing in the same place on the edge on Cliffside for a month or two actually, and I would very much like to do something else. You might have gotten other letters, or maybe e-mails, smoke signals, sky-writings too, whatever we here in L.A. think will get your most attentive attention, so please write back. Preferrably in chapter IV scene II.
The best regards,
Saphira Pyren

Whoever-the-heck-you-are-- [Katelyn]
Is there a reason that I've been glaring at Lana Lamont for, not just an hour or two, but a month? Seriously, you make Kellan look as if he has nothing to do. It's quite depressing actually, to see Kellan doing nothing, Arona not trying to bug me, and Ro looking at me like I'm insane. Help? Maybe?! Cliffside may have a great view, but why don't you try staring at the ocean, or Lana, the scarlet freak, for this long? I'll go mad before we even reach the climax!!!
Sincerest as you can get,
Nick Charin

So much annoyance I won't write out your name,
People tell me that a writer needs some sort of encouragement to pull themselves along. If I agreed at all, I would say this: I know where you live. That should be enough encouragement. Don't get me wrong, seeing St. Nicholas all steamed at Lana is quite self-satisfying, but after awhile I start to wish I was her. Maybe I've been staring at her cloak for too long. Or maybe it's the fire. Whatever. Point is, you seriously need to get a move on so I can cause some real distress in that boy. He, or It rather, gets on my nerves.
I'm watching you,
Arona Pyren

Well isn't that just sun-shiney? Looks like my novel misses me. :P Too bad I've got science fair blegh to keep up with. But... anything to procrastinate thaaaat. *bwahahaha* Evil plan brewing.
Alas, I digress.
Woe is me, I agree with *most* of those pressing letters. I've already read over twenty books since November, my break is so over! I will attempt to make it before June once more, but, unfortunately, if I can't I shall settle for a "To be continued..." How droll.

Must write, so Toodle-oo,


The Music of My Life

Nevermind. It's more like the "noise" of my life, or maybe, better yet, the "monotonously hypnotic drone" of my life. Yeah. That's good.
Well, it is about one and a half weeks from county science fair, and here I am, putting things off 'till the last minute as always and distracting myself for the timebeing. Alas, (*dramatic hand to the forehead*) life moves in patterns.
And we move on.
Second subject...: I've been in a frantic mess for about fourteen hours. One of my best friends (the stupid one, you may call him) was hit by a car. *insert gasp here* Whereas I am not surprised, I was still "OMG" about it. Of course, he lives in a different city about forty-five minutes away, so I was communicating with his brother through e-mail and text for a very. Long. Time.
It was even worse by e-mail. It took awhile for him to reply, plus, (oh yes, plus!) he was kind of busy himself, you know, with an injured brethren on his hands. Nevertheless, he was kind enough to keep me updated. (But I'm sure that was only because he knows I would be pulling my hair out for an answer.) Anyways, later he had to take a trip to the hospital, so no e-mail there. In the end, he ended up bringing his phone and updating me slowly by text (how painfully droll that was). It was about an hour of waiting both he and I endured.
All in all, he only broke an arm, a leg, and two ribs.
So The Stupid One lives, and we all move on, except him of course. He'll be in bed for a looong while. And that was the exciting event this weekend. Although, I did finally buy my dress for County. It took six stores, but it's all good.. ^^

Disgression has landed,


County Science Fair & Other Stressful Components of My Life

County Science Fair
Day 1: I'm ready! I'm ready!!
Day 2: Wooooooo!
Day 10: Heh... still fun..!
Day 15: *snore* ...
Day 30: OH MEH GOD COUNTY APP..!!! *frantic typing* MOVE computer MOOOOOVE!!!!
Day 41: *twitch* So... what you're saying is... my bacteria was "snowed-in" at New York...?!?!?!?!
Day 50: Eeewww! What the **** is that growing in the agar?!?!
Day 55: O.O Inching ever so closer to the deadline...

Salutations my not-as-stressful-scholars! :D As you can see, county science fair is almost here. Forgive me for not adding a "yay" in that sentence. I've only just conducted my experiment so...
And GUESS WHAT? I have a project due in ev-er-y claaasss! Yayayayaya! *cough* ... -__- Yeeeaahhh... that was sarcastic. The only good thing about it, is that our core teacher has extended the deadline for our history proj to after County. *now THAT is a yay* See, before, she had posted it as the day BEFORE County Science Fair. Which, as you can see, I am already freaked out as it is, so that is just not the thing I wanted to hear last week. (What I really wanted to hear was, "Oh my God, Katelyn! You work soooo hard, I think I'll give you an A+ all quarter long!!" But that's just not gonna happen now, is it?) Anyways, back on track, Mrs. Stocks accentuated the deadline by making it about a week longer. *HooooooRAH!* :
My authoring life? I'm glad you asked! Recently, I was paid for a job of designing the back of a sweatshirt for a dance company. It went awesomeeee!! :D So, I made a simpled little design around a short poem:

We dance for laughter,
We dance for tears,
We dance for maddness,
We dance for fears,
We dance for hopes,
We dance for screams,
We are the dancers,
We create the dreams.

Now isn't that cute? Lol. Well, the owner loved it and I got $100, and I guess she said something about 15% commission. I'm just happy that I got it done. I have a framed version of it on my desktop all pretty-like. ^^
So that's really all that's gone on so far. Again, I shall try to post again soon, but considering my schedule.... eh.. not as likely as before. :P We'll see!

Wishing myself luck,


Epic. Fail.

Title says all! (a) I forgot to post December...oops. (b) The Last is moving very veryyyyy sloooowlyyyy. and (c) I've read almost an entire 5 book series over the winter break. oing by too FAST! So now I am afraid to read the 5th and last of the series....
On the other hand... I've been slowing down with my drawing craze, but I've still got a lot up. I should probably scan them to show you guys, and I'll do that later. Hopefully. ;) Lemme see how much I've done since my last post.
Pics of Al & Rory: 3
Random Fairy: 1
The Last Characters: 6
--Illusen (2)
--Arona (1)
--Ella & Thea (2)
--Aislinn (1)
Scott's Characters: 4
--Zane (1)
--Tally (3)
Turn Loose the Angels Characters: 26 (oh God.)
--Alice Hadeson (Death) (7)
--James Darcy (3)
--Oliver Larson (2)
--Kate Darcy (Death's Intern) (9)
--Edgar Memphis (Evil) (3)
--Dominic Jefferson (Love) (2)
--Ginger Darcy (1)
Harry Potter Characters: 7
--Ron (2)
--Fleur (2)
--Hermione (1)
--Viktor (1)
Other Characters: 3
Sarah Maq: 2
Friends: 5
Percy Jackson series Characters: 4
--Zoe Nightshade (1)
--Percy Jackson (1)
--Annabeth Chase (1)
--Rachel Elizabeth Dare (1)
Burning Roses Characters: 4
--Cara (2)
--Avaric <3 (1)
--Lucina (1)
--Cleo (1)
Volleyballs Hurtling Towards People's Heads: 2
Me!: 2
Stuff that Mrs. Stocks pushes me to draw xP : 14
-- Scary Pony, Ovelia's Mirror, Belikov Ancestor Cloak, the Moartea, Cara's Bracelet, the Seers' sign, Cara's necklace, Cliffside (2), Shoes, Bell on a ribbon, Skippy Peanut butter...*no comment*

Well that's enough of that... (This list is not including the several paintings I've made) O.o Too much stuff to type in for now. I'll, again, attempt to keep you updated!

Welcoming you to Crazy Artist Land,