Dear John Katelyn,
Umm... I know it's been a couple months from November and all... and during that month you were driven to hysterics and such, but... possibly, do you think that *maybe* I might be able to get my story finished? I know, yeah, you're super duper busy! I feel neglected. My world is falling apart by the very corners of your papers!
With love,
Rowan Belikov

I sincerely suggest that you get to work, in the most respectful way possible, please, on The Last. It has come to my attention that my grandmother and I have both been standing in the same place on the edge on Cliffside for a month or two actually, and I would very much like to do something else. You might have gotten other letters, or maybe e-mails, smoke signals, sky-writings too, whatever we here in L.A. think will get your most attentive attention, so please write back. Preferrably in chapter IV scene II.
The best regards,
Saphira Pyren

Whoever-the-heck-you-are-- [Katelyn]
Is there a reason that I've been glaring at Lana Lamont for, not just an hour or two, but a month? Seriously, you make Kellan look as if he has nothing to do. It's quite depressing actually, to see Kellan doing nothing, Arona not trying to bug me, and Ro looking at me like I'm insane. Help? Maybe?! Cliffside may have a great view, but why don't you try staring at the ocean, or Lana, the scarlet freak, for this long? I'll go mad before we even reach the climax!!!
Sincerest as you can get,
Nick Charin

So much annoyance I won't write out your name,
People tell me that a writer needs some sort of encouragement to pull themselves along. If I agreed at all, I would say this: I know where you live. That should be enough encouragement. Don't get me wrong, seeing St. Nicholas all steamed at Lana is quite self-satisfying, but after awhile I start to wish I was her. Maybe I've been staring at her cloak for too long. Or maybe it's the fire. Whatever. Point is, you seriously need to get a move on so I can cause some real distress in that boy. He, or It rather, gets on my nerves.
I'm watching you,
Arona Pyren

Well isn't that just sun-shiney? Looks like my novel misses me. :P Too bad I've got science fair blegh to keep up with. But... anything to procrastinate thaaaat. *bwahahaha* Evil plan brewing.
Alas, I digress.
Woe is me, I agree with *most* of those pressing letters. I've already read over twenty books since November, my break is so over! I will attempt to make it before June once more, but, unfortunately, if I can't I shall settle for a "To be continued..." How droll.

Must write, so Toodle-oo,


The Music of My Life

Nevermind. It's more like the "noise" of my life, or maybe, better yet, the "monotonously hypnotic drone" of my life. Yeah. That's good.
Well, it is about one and a half weeks from county science fair, and here I am, putting things off 'till the last minute as always and distracting myself for the timebeing. Alas, (*dramatic hand to the forehead*) life moves in patterns.
And we move on.
Second subject...: I've been in a frantic mess for about fourteen hours. One of my best friends (the stupid one, you may call him) was hit by a car. *insert gasp here* Whereas I am not surprised, I was still "OMG" about it. Of course, he lives in a different city about forty-five minutes away, so I was communicating with his brother through e-mail and text for a very. Long. Time.
It was even worse by e-mail. It took awhile for him to reply, plus, (oh yes, plus!) he was kind of busy himself, you know, with an injured brethren on his hands. Nevertheless, he was kind enough to keep me updated. (But I'm sure that was only because he knows I would be pulling my hair out for an answer.) Anyways, later he had to take a trip to the hospital, so no e-mail there. In the end, he ended up bringing his phone and updating me slowly by text (how painfully droll that was). It was about an hour of waiting both he and I endured.
All in all, he only broke an arm, a leg, and two ribs.
So The Stupid One lives, and we all move on, except him of course. He'll be in bed for a looong while. And that was the exciting event this weekend. Although, I did finally buy my dress for County. It took six stores, but it's all good.. ^^

Disgression has landed,