Quicky Pics!

Scanner's working! Here's a couple of my latest pictures.

This is a guy. Just a random blue-haired dude. I got bored one day... O_o

And there is.. Salt. Anyone of you peeps seen that movie? I thought it was interesting. I just wanted to see if I could draw her. Hmph. Oh and by the way, most of these you can click to make bigger I think.

Um. Ew? I haaaate this picture. Didn't turn out right at all. This is a would-be character-in-the-making. I'll have to redesign her because she looks much much much too mature. Ick.

Just a girl, haha. I got bored and just tried a new way of shading on her arm/hand. Which... is not my style. Can't do it for now. I'll just stick to my style, haha.

Bridgette Hark. A character in that carnival story I've been talking about. Usually she does not look like this. She's almost never serious. This is just that one (count it) one time in the story where she is completely serious. It shows the true physcopathicness of her nature. Kinda weird, huh? The scanner doesn't do this picture justice.

And finally one of my favorites. It's all colorful and happy. ^^ I had fun doing this one, but please don't ask me what it means; (because I don't know) just interpret it any way you want. :)

Well that's the end of that art show. I've recently got a brand new ginormous printer/scanner/copier/doohicky, so it's much much easier to use. Which means I'll update with pictures more often. Yay! Hahaha.

Chitty-chitty bang-bang we love you,

P.S. Oh! And I got Behemoth!!! YESSSS! :D Okay. Bye for realsss!

Oh, the Things We Could Do

If we only knew!

Bonjour, my  minions deciples! Apologies to all. I've been wanting to post for three days now, but I've been busy with a science project. But *yay* it's done. ^^

Today is my birthday, but we have much more important things to discuss! Aaaah! *freakyfanaticscream* Behemoth has been released, and I'm gonna diiieee! I absolutely cannot wait to read it (after I finish The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown [good book, good book.]). I'm also kinda blegh because Scott can't make it to the west coast for his tour. But if you're reading this, have fun! I know you'll be busy, but stay in touch! :D
Howeeever.... I've RSVPed already for a live chat with Monsieur Westerfeld on November 2nd. I don't know how many spots are left, but you can still get in... I think?
*excited* Anyhow.

So I've got a lot of pictures done, but my scanner isn't up and running now (audience: *aww*). I may upload them later in a shorty post, but as for now I don't gots none. But here:
This is a meme I did on deviantART. If you can't see it... which you must be superhuman if you can... then click on it and it will be larger. I hope. D:
I did this before Behemoth came out, obviously, from the last picture.

On the other hand, OLL has finally reset the NaNoWriMo pages! Now you can upload your new novelling stuffs and start from scratch. You can also add 2009 to your history if you participated last year. :)

Well, for now that's all I've got. Happy Leif Erickson Day! (I'm actually two days early. Heh.)

Barking spiders!,