Doodle Gallery

Lately, I know that you've noticed, I've been coloring a lot of pictures after scanning them. So some of you may know that during the school year, I had this journal for The Last that was called Dreams and Adolescence. It had lots of doodles, especially ones from Turn Loose the Angels (which I have no idea how this pertains to The Last, lol).
Here are some colored versions of those doodles. :)

Here are a couple of TLTA characters. (left to right) top: Dominic Campian(Love), Kate Darcy, Alice Hadeson(Death) bottom: Ginger(name will probably change) Darcy, James Darcy
These are the boys of Cerridan University(minus Oliver). Shaun(leftmost) is Ginger's scottish boyfriend. He's just awesome like that. Middle is Dominic and then James. I really love the expression on Dominic's face. Being Love, he knows a lot about how much havoc the girls can bring up. xD
Ginger again. I'm pretty sure that her name will change. I really dislike it. :P
I like this picture of Kate. She always has problems like this when working with Alice.

This is probably my favorite of all of my Edgar pictures. He's just so hilarious and oblivious to the blood. Poor, poor Evil.

Another two posts in one day. Hmph. I'm getting too excited with this, haha. I'm off to draw more pictures of Evil. I must master drawing him, because of course he's the hardest for some reason.

Consumed in Evil,
Keep smilin',


  1. Evil and his amazingness. I love him!

  2. Curse you, Sarah! You beat me to first comment! :O Lol.
    I think I like Evil better than Love. Jared says this is a bad thing... O.o Oh well. Since when do I listen to Jared anyway?

  3. -__- I usually wonder the same thing, Mel. Really.

  4. Wow, you guys are funny. :D Nice drawings, KT. I really like that pic of Evil, ha.

    See ya round',