I Keeps Ze Holes

Two posts in one day?! How abnormally freakish!

(Yes, I am slowly getting to title explanation)

Lately, I've been reading a lot. Naturally, all of you frequent readers can guess what happens next. I'm genuinely serious when I say that I've found my NaNoWriMo 2011! Yay?
This started with one character that I thought was much too cute to pass up. His name is Maxwell Snow, your average British rich business man. I suck at drawing him, so I can only give you a description.  Max's auburn hair is usually combed back and attempted to be neat, however it's nearly always messy. He has bright green eyes(a current obsession of mine) and is almost always dressed for success. This kind of character is just someone you have the urge to either destroy or fix. I chose fix. Specifically fix-his-life.
I started to build off other characters. I came up with two. One to help fix his life without knowing it, the other to push him a little harder.
Gwyneth Rowe(Or Gwyn for most of the time) is Maxwell's ex-best friend. He used to live in London, and they were close. He promised her that he'd stay forever (dun dunn dunnnnn) and then he moved to New York when he was 20. Five years later, she's still in London, hating his guts. Isn't that a nice story? (P.S. The pics are photoshopped ORIGINAL drawings that I drew. Lol I got much better at outlining; I founds tricks. PLEASE do not steal these!!)
I also added some fluff to Yvette Harris, Max's secretary. They don't have much background except for the fact that Mr. Snow has grown quite fond and trustworthy to his assistant. YES, I know she doesn't look much like a secretary (having two guns n' all), but trust me, this is not how she usually looks. Usually her hair is down, and she has wire-rimmed glasses and a dress suit. This is... well, to be explained in the future.

NOW for the title. I have a lot of the plot figured out. I couldn't help myself. I built it around character personalities. I've kept several holes in the plot though, several very important ones. I do this so it is utterly impossible to start writing. I am tempted too easily, and could never in my entire existence hold Pandora's Box. Ever.
So there's a little update in my novelling life (also I mentioned that I have a paperback edition of The Last in my hands!!!!!!! :DD). I hope you are somewhat satisfied with a tidbit like that?

Ba da buh buh buh,
I'm lovin' it,


  1. Nice sign off. Inspired my Micky D's? Well we missed you!

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  2. I'm excited about this. Tell more soon!