Catch Phrases, Singing, & Insanity

As always.

NaNoWriMo has begun! And you all know what that means! Yeah! You don't get to hear from me for a whole month if you're lucky! WHOO!
But in case you're not... I'll post a mini interview I had with Scott Westerfeld(because I know that aaalll of you want to know what's goin' down.)

Anywayyy.... I was talking about catch phrases? Not sure why I put that up there anyway. I guess it's because a catch phrase inspired me (NO, not to write another story, sillies!) for a little twist in the plot of my NaNoWriMo 2012(wow, aren't I being productive!).
I feel so happy. Oh, and I thought of a name for my main character(besides Billiam), but I won't tell you, because I am an evil sorceress!! >:D

I've also decided to make Oliver Cohen a more prominent character in TLA(Turn Loose the Angels). If you people don't know who in the name of Merlin's pants this guy is, then here is a picture. I probably have mentioned him before in a low mumble to myself....
I drew this on my tablet the other day. He makes me laugh, hahahaha. And if you're wondering what he's looking at, it's Evil, probably making some sort of snide comment. Heh. Oliver is so awesome, and now he's been made somewhat more of a mjor character. Yay!
And also, if you didn't already know, he has a twin sister Ophelia. but alas, I don't have a picture of her. Sad.

So on Monday, the first day of NaNo, I was going insane because I was so happy. My music was blaring and I was singing very very loudly. The insanity began from there, I'm sure. I'm pretty behind, and I should be using this time to write, but I am seeeerriously procrastinating now. It's been a couple hours. D:

I need to write! I give up, my fellows have convinced me that I'm procrastinating too much. So long guys!

"Freakin' God!!"


  1. Oliver Cohen is now on my list.
    Nice closing, hahahaha.

  2. A quote from my friend, hahaha. ^^

  3. Heya Gorgeous.
    I love Oliver! Ohmehgoshness that excerpt you gave me with him in it was..! I was like: <3
    Oliver is MINE, Melanie! :D

  4. Oh, you wish, Sarah. >:D
    Katelyn, you MUST tell me what your insane plot twist is! Does it have something to do with Oliver? He doesn't DIE, DOES HE?!?
    You do that, and I will steal all of your published works and white-out the sentence where he does.
    I think I'll write in... "And then he marries Melanie and THEY LIVE HAPPY AND IN LOVE FOREVER!" Screw Kate Darcy.