What Time is It?!?

I think all of you know. But in case you're reading this in the morning, and you're like me, it's SUMMER TIMMMMEEEE!!!
Only FOUR more days of school this week, and the best part is that we're not doing anything anyway! :D
Mrs. Stocks, my core teacher who I guess that you just have to come to love, has assigned an optional project for us. It's a letter to yourself that you'll get in high school eventually. I love making those.
At first I had some trouble writing the letter to myself. (I know, that's a little disturbing. The Letter-Writing Novelist, not knowing what to write to herself.) But then I really got most of my current personality into it. Lots of random babbling and polemistic statements. Here's a little snippet:
"I do also hope that I'm not as much of a
digressing nub of a dabbler in literature
as I am at the past moment. Yesterday is
history... or should it be yesterday is now?
No... the future is now? .... Surely the future
is not now, rather than the future could be now
but isn't and should be, however it will most likely
never be. This is what I mean by digression and...
Don't you just love how I ramble? I know I do.
Well, I am just sooooo excited for summer, cuz it's gonna be great on the last day! Maybe when school's out I'll finally get some time to work on The Last. I only have until July 1st. O.o  ...
Well, that's a piece o' work right there.

Suddenly reminded of due-dates,


  1. Nice, KT!!
    Would love to see your expression in 5 years when you get that letter.
    See you on the Boards,

  2. Hey,KT! I made a blogger too! check it out at:

    Luh-v ya!