Hair Dye & Tea

How does Alice deal with all the insanity? I can barely hold it all in my head, let alone deal with others' craziness. Yes, I drew that picture a week ago. There's little me in Alice's dress all "wth do I do now?!" n' stuff. I think it turned out "okay" eh?

I've been drawing like mad lately. I haven't had the chance to upload any but the above because I'm lazy. Loads of plunnies have been floating around lately. It's allergy season for my writing community. :D
I have successfully thought of (get ready for this, peeps. not reccommended for the queasy or the pregnant) two new story ideas, a myriad new scenes for NaNoWriMo 2011(useful, isn't it? O.o), and a change of hair color for my character, the lovable Jeff Waylin, hahaha.
Don't worry all you blonde fans. I'm sure I won't turn Jeff's hair black. It's too sudden for those faint-of-heart. He probably wouldn't even be the same goofy kid that we all know, haha.
As for the two story ideas... I'm trying to meld them into one at the moment, but we all know that it won't work, now don't we? This is how fate treats the insane ones. I'm putting money on the table that one idea will be used for script frenzy.
Well, sorry for such a short post in such a long time. I've got so much to do now that school is coming up. Oh, and before I forget.

There's me in steampunk-ness. Happy now, Sarah? :D

Off to see the wizard,


  1. Yes, I am happy now! :D Laaaawwwllll.
    Pretty AiW picture. I like.
    Now don't be goin' around changin' my boy's hair, ye heear? 'Nuff Said.

  2. Dear me; I think Jeff with black hair would be strange, haha. Definitely something to get used to. But, I would watch out for Sarah. She might take some action if you choose to take that route. >:)