I Will be Chasing Your Starlight

Title in reference to what I'm listening to at the moment. Starlight by Muse. ^^

Ugh. I am strangely bereft to ideas on what to write about. Please people, tell me what you want in a blog that you read. I'm so oblivious.

Well, recently, I bought Leviathan in hardback because I couldn't wait a month longer. So far, it's amazing, and I think I'm falling in love with Steampunk all over again. Later, I'll draw a picture and show it to you guys. The 2nd book in the trilogy, Behemoth, comes out in October this year, and Goliath exactly a year after. I am extremely excited. So is Hannah because she's really gotten into it to.
So Disney has come out with a new pin collection called "The Mechanical Kingdom," a steampunk version. I think its great, and I'll probably have to get at least one next time I go. I personally think that they should come out with a ride for it. Scott agrees with me, lol.
Yay! My friend Brianna has finally opened up her site to the public. It's called WHCCC and it's a site for critique on writings that you make and can post there. Very helpful for a writer. You can get some good honest answers.

Anyway... recently I've also found out that my dad's boss and a friend from Boston really wants to buy my NaNoWriMo story. O.o So, against my vows as it is, I'm putting it up for sale soon sometime in August perhaps. So if any of you are crazy enough to actually buy it from me, I'll give you the link when it's there.

I guess I found something to tell you all. But, please, still tell me what you want out of this. Just wanting to make sure this is not a waste of time for you all, haha.

Happy trails,


Doodle Gallery

Lately, I know that you've noticed, I've been coloring a lot of pictures after scanning them. So some of you may know that during the school year, I had this journal for The Last that was called Dreams and Adolescence. It had lots of doodles, especially ones from Turn Loose the Angels (which I have no idea how this pertains to The Last, lol).
Here are some colored versions of those doodles. :)

Here are a couple of TLTA characters. (left to right) top: Dominic Campian(Love), Kate Darcy, Alice Hadeson(Death) bottom: Ginger(name will probably change) Darcy, James Darcy
These are the boys of Cerridan University(minus Oliver). Shaun(leftmost) is Ginger's scottish boyfriend. He's just awesome like that. Middle is Dominic and then James. I really love the expression on Dominic's face. Being Love, he knows a lot about how much havoc the girls can bring up. xD
Ginger again. I'm pretty sure that her name will change. I really dislike it. :P
I like this picture of Kate. She always has problems like this when working with Alice.

This is probably my favorite of all of my Edgar pictures. He's just so hilarious and oblivious to the blood. Poor, poor Evil.

Another two posts in one day. Hmph. I'm getting too excited with this, haha. I'm off to draw more pictures of Evil. I must master drawing him, because of course he's the hardest for some reason.

Consumed in Evil,
Keep smilin',

Flabby Season

Ah, yes. Summer. The season of flabby children sitting and playing video games all day.
Okay, maybe not with everybody.
I certainly do not sit all summer, but I also do not excersise like I do during the school year. Ick. I can't balance anymore (I've lost my ballerina-ness xD), I can only just barely do the spilts, and I can't even ride a bike up a steep hill. Well, actually the only person I know that can ride up that hill is Alison, my super-human, in-shape, ninja-powered friend. But still. I am so out of shape. :P
Yesterday, Hannah and Alison rode their bikes over to my house at 12:45. Anyone who knows me during the summer knows that I'm still drinking coffee and in my pajamas at 12:45. They're all in their clothes and biking backpacks and converse. I'm all still half-awake, with a giant cup of coffee, and my hair's a mess. So we talk for awhile, and then they head off to go on the bridge and wave at people on the highway.
They come back about two hours later, and I'm awake this time. I took a shower, put on make-up and clothes. So then we went over to Alison's for pizza and a short stop. After, we rode over to Hannah's house, over the hill.
Hannah and I are the average kid at our school. We don't excersise unless we absolutely have to. We're both kinda slowly making our way up, and Alison's all up ahead like "wow, this is easy!" I laugh so hard. :D
We make it her house, which of course the rest of the ride is easy. We end up spending an hour or two coloring this giant wizard poster like crazy. It's amazing looking now. x)
On the way back home however, I had to go back up the hill, lol. Nice.
So yesterday I excersised for probably the first time this season. *yay*

I also made two more pictures. I think they're okay. It took me less time now.
So this was okay I think. I had trouble drawing this one.

This I really like the colors in. C+C for these??

Off to go work today. I'll probably be back around 2:00 or 3.

Workin' hard for her money,



So remember when I told you about me getting better at coloring? I've tried a different style this time, and I want you to give some C+C. (Sorry if this is a boring post. 11:00 in the morning is way too early for me.)
That literally took an hour or two, zoomed into 400%. I kinda like it...?
Yesterday the British gave in and I no longer have to buy a British DVD player! Yayyyy! I bought Dorian Gray and watched the movie until midnight (also an earthquake happened. 3.6). It was rated R, which I found funny because in the book it wasn't like that. The movie was actually pretty good, but a couple times, the camera angles had spasms, and some of the blood effects were... eh. Other than that, I think the English did a pretty good rendition on Oscar Wilde's classic. I've also heard that the story is making a nice comeback. People are buying it more.
Ben Barnes did a wonderful portraying of Dorian, and I think he did an awesome job. In the book, Dorian Gray was blonde with blue eyes, but I could never imagine him any other way without black hair and brown eyes. Ironic how Ben Barnes looks a lot like Oscar Wilde himself.
I think that there was a nice life lesson added, and I rather enjoyed how Harry was used in the movie. He represented an influence and possibly a Devil's Advocate. Poor Dorian however had no parents or family to lead him right from wrong. Oh! And they also used one of my favorite quotes from the book, although Emily said it instead of Harry. :P
Anyway... that was pretty offtopic. All in all, I enjoyed the movie, but in the same time do not reccommend it for small children. Lots of sexual content, blood, (severed body parts?), and some drug use. Not something to show anyone earlier than 13.  So beware, strict parents!
Well, I'm off to doodle some more in my new sketchbook (whee!).

Never a skeptic or cynic,
Junior polemist,


You Know We Have a Hammock?! O.o

As a couple of you peeps know, yesterday I came home from a trip to a lakehouse with a couple besties. It was pretty awesome. There were twenty or so people up there, and it was soooo fantabulous. Our house is close enough to reach a park by walking, and we have the biggest beach.
So while my best friend and I were hanging out on the water trampoline, Evan, Anthony, Sammy, and Jeremy(my best bud) walked over to the park. They somehow got cought up in a conversation with a random kid. His name was Tyler (no idea what last name was) and he was a Freshman in high school this year. In my opinion, he was not pretty. O.o So here's a little snippet of their conversation.

Tyler: Huh, I'm a wrestler. (He did NOT look like one.)
Sammy: That's... great. *is totally not attracted to this guy*
Anthony: *raises eyebrow*
Tyler: So where do you guys live?
Anthony: *still suspicious* ...
Evan: *being pretty dense* Oh... ya know, over theeerrreee *gestures to the house, but not specifically*
*long conversation goes here. lots of awkward pauses*
Jeremy: *in the background* thinks to self: pfft, these dummies.
Tyler: Guh, I really just want to lay in your guyses hammock.
Sammy: O.o
Anthony: o.O
Evan: *totally retarded* You know we have a hammock?!?!?!?!1!!!@1! *is such a blonde*
Tyler: Durhur, well aren't you guys the house on the very end?
Sammy: *stares*
Jeremy: *holy sh***
Anthony: Urm.....
Evan: Yeah.

Okay, so has this guy been stalking us previously too?!?!?

Somehow they got away from him at the park and got back to us and told everything.
But... dun dunn dunnnnnn...!
Tyler comes back just as the sun is setting. He asks my best friend to play ping-pong *casually* and learns our names, what we do, what city we're from, how old we are, etc. She fails at ping-pong, so now of course I have to play. I forgot that I was wearing a bikini top and some short jean shorts.
Somehow he ends up getting my phone number. But *snicker* just my luck, he got the wrong area code. So I'm hoping that he won't be calling me any time.
Later, it gets dark, and the bats are starting to come back out. Hannah(best friend) and I are freaking out because of mosquitoes (plus Tyler) so we escape inside.
We're sitting at the counter, eating and talking about random stuff. We both turn to the sink to get some water. When we turn around, guess who is sitting at the bar now? Holy crap it's Tyler. He followed us in our house.
So we have another really awkward conversation. The entire time he was staring at bikini me. Why not bikini Hannah, for God's sake?! Nope. Just me.
My mom comes in later and her face is all "Holysh**whyisthiskidhereandwhereisyourshirtkatelyn?!?!?!?!"
So she tells Hannah and I to go put on some clothes and leads us down the hall to our rooms. Tyler, of course, tries to follow us. At that moment, Raquel, Jeremy's awesome mom, comes in like "In your DREAMS, perverted freak!!!" and chases him out of the house.
A change of costume later, Hannah and I go back outside, and Tyler sits next to us. O.o My mom sits in between us on purpose. *shield* But later, he moves to the OTHER side of us. That's when my mom is all "You girls should go inside and take a shower." Hannah's like "I'm too lazy," and so am I, until I understand she was trying to get us away from Tyler again. O.O
So Hannah and I give in and run inside the house. Jeremy (the cooliest) is casually standing next to the door with a bat.
We hide out in our room with the door locked and blinds closed all night. Awesome, right?

So Tyler leaves at 10:00. The next day, Hannah and I are too tired to leave the house. Apparently, from what we heard, Tyler came back wondering where we were. My dad, being kind of scary when you look at him, Russ (Athony and Jeremy's extremely intimidating tall dad), and Jeremy chase him off our property for good.
So we're safe from my stalker pretty much, cuz he didn't come back. The next day he kind of wandered along the edge of property with a friend, but we didn't see him after that, thank God.
So that is the stalker story of the year for ya. I hope he never figures out my real area code, cuz I really don't want to change my number. :P
For all of you people out there who wish to stalk me... don't. Just don't. Or I may have to unleash a couple years of practice with a switchblade on you.

Buying more lethal objects,
Desiring some sort of depth of insight,


I Keeps Ze Holes

Two posts in one day?! How abnormally freakish!

(Yes, I am slowly getting to title explanation)

Lately, I've been reading a lot. Naturally, all of you frequent readers can guess what happens next. I'm genuinely serious when I say that I've found my NaNoWriMo 2011! Yay?
This started with one character that I thought was much too cute to pass up. His name is Maxwell Snow, your average British rich business man. I suck at drawing him, so I can only give you a description.  Max's auburn hair is usually combed back and attempted to be neat, however it's nearly always messy. He has bright green eyes(a current obsession of mine) and is almost always dressed for success. This kind of character is just someone you have the urge to either destroy or fix. I chose fix. Specifically fix-his-life.
I started to build off other characters. I came up with two. One to help fix his life without knowing it, the other to push him a little harder.
Gwyneth Rowe(Or Gwyn for most of the time) is Maxwell's ex-best friend. He used to live in London, and they were close. He promised her that he'd stay forever (dun dunn dunnnnn) and then he moved to New York when he was 20. Five years later, she's still in London, hating his guts. Isn't that a nice story? (P.S. The pics are photoshopped ORIGINAL drawings that I drew. Lol I got much better at outlining; I founds tricks. PLEASE do not steal these!!)
I also added some fluff to Yvette Harris, Max's secretary. They don't have much background except for the fact that Mr. Snow has grown quite fond and trustworthy to his assistant. YES, I know she doesn't look much like a secretary (having two guns n' all), but trust me, this is not how she usually looks. Usually her hair is down, and she has wire-rimmed glasses and a dress suit. This is... well, to be explained in the future.

NOW for the title. I have a lot of the plot figured out. I couldn't help myself. I built it around character personalities. I've kept several holes in the plot though, several very important ones. I do this so it is utterly impossible to start writing. I am tempted too easily, and could never in my entire existence hold Pandora's Box. Ever.
So there's a little update in my novelling life (also I mentioned that I have a paperback edition of The Last in my hands!!!!!!! :DD). I hope you are somewhat satisfied with a tidbit like that?

Ba da buh buh buh,
I'm lovin' it,

Rawr, I've Returned

Dear Digressing Novelist,

Where are you, and why haven’t you been here lately?
Your many adoring fans and readers

Rooooooooooaaaaad Trrriiiippppp! *insert fake enthusiasm* Yes, I have gone on an insane road trip, leading to who-knows-where. As far as I understand, this trip goes from small-town Gilroy to the coasts of Santa Barbara to the lights of Las Vegas to the gargantuaness of the Grand Canyon and the arches of Zion National Park. Somehow, we make that entire thing into a loop.

Yesterday(June 22) we made the first of our six days together to Santa Barbara, and we stayed in the nearby town, Ventura. On the way, we stopped at a random Ostrich Farm that we saw off the side of the highway. I ended up feeding and petting ostriches and emus. Quite the experience of weirdness. Apparently, you have to use either a saw or a drill to open an ostrich egg. For all of you tourist-y readers this was just on the outskirts of Solvang, CA, which is also a cute little stop, because it’s a mini Dutch town. Very cute if you enjoy that kind of stuff.
We ended up eating dinner at Mimi’s CafĂ© at 10:30 at night because that was how late we made it to our hotel. The chefs probably spat in our food because they couldn’t go home. Believe it or not, they’re open until 11:00.
That was Day 1 for ya. The Craziness continued onto Day 2 in Vegas.

One thing about Las Vegas, NV: It’s just about the prettiest and ugliest city in the U.S. (And no, it’s not a
Stephenie Meyer quote. It only sounds like one. “The next day was better… and worse.”)

(At 103 degrees at 10:00 pm) The lights were fantabulous, and we had an equally fantabulous view from the Luxor hotel. (Best pool ever, by the way) Later we went to the old strip to see more of the lights and in the morning we left for the Grand Canyon in Arizona.
The Grand Canyon was nice; it began to rain lightly after awhile. Nice and cool, as opposed to the rest of the state. We stayed in a very nice Best Western with a bowling alley (which we spent our time in). The name I typed in for the game was "Egg" since my name didn't fit (Cursed 7 letters!).
After that we went BACK through the desert and up to St. George, Utah to go to Zion National Park. It was much like the Grand Canyon except you were in it not above it. It's gorgeous with the Virgin River flowing through it, lots of hanging gardens, and friendly squirrels. According to the locals the squirrels were extremely friendly so that they could fool you and bite off your hand. A couple times that day I screamed out "MAN-EATING SQUIRREL!" and people would look at me like "wth?".
Back through the desert once more, and we decided rather than staying in Barstow(nicknamed the armpit of California? I didn't want to be in any place called an armpit.) to return to bright and shiny Vegas. We stayed in the Circus Circus Hotel this time, being subjected to several clowns up and down the halls (much to my mom's horrror). The show was great and I won nearly every game on the midway with my awesome mad skills lol. Lot's of stuffed creatures.
The next day we were back in quaint Gilroy. I had only four days to complete The Last for Createspace. Somehow I managed and my book came in on July 13th!! (I argued with the company for over nine days). It looks amazing though, and I'm going to read it tonight! :D

So that was a very quick write-up of my road trip last month. Sorry, I've been too busy to write this.