It's so Good, It's Horrible!

I love my schedule this year. I used to have a somewhat scary Ms. Gomez for PE, but now I have the awesomest teacher, Mr. Fucella!! It's so cool, because I love all of my teachers this year, which has almost never happened before! My science teacher is awesome, because we're doing life science instead of Bleh Earth Science. Plus, almost all of her lesson plans are fun(except disecting... EEWWW!!!). My math teacher is suuuper nice, but she's also a little bit scary, because she smiles all the time and I think she's obsessed with butterflies O.o --No comment...
My other teacher who does LangArts, SocStudies, & Reading is pretty cool too though. She's nice, and she has tons of cool history projects, and a lot of writing stuff(yay).
Only thing is, Safieh, Genesis, and Shelby don't have my lunch!!!! Or any of my classes!!!! It's quite disturbing.... and a bit depressing.... I think Mr. Tomasello is out to get me lol. I miss last year's core class! Ugh.

Hopelessly clueless,



AHHH! I am freaking out right now... I have waaaaaaaaay too much work to do.

  1. I am still annoyed because I'm dying to write The Last... So I'm franticly trying to perfect the outline of the story, which is killing me.
  2. I haven't seen any of my friends throughout almost the entire summer...
  3. I have 247 unread messages and I am scared to read them all. Or let alone attempt to.
  4. I just worked two hours on a play, and we're barely only HALF way done!! >.<
  5. I haven't done anything for three days, and I'm hopelessly behind.
  6. I'm trying to moderate six websites in between it all.
  7. According to my Canadian buddy, I am waaaaaaaaybehind in my assignments for GH...
  8. I have no way of contacting my ninja who is supposed to be helping me through this stuff...
  9. I am seriously paranoid about everything...
  10. And school starts in 10 DAYS!!!!!! >.<

This is not lookin too good right now... O.o


Is it the end of summer, or am I just depressed?

Ugh, I really need more summer before I go to school. I'm absolutely dreading it. Only two weeks away for me, which annoys me because a lot of people I know have three or four weeks... >.< Plus I've been going through some trouble with one of my friends, who gets dangerously depressed sometimes, which now has resulted in me being depressed.... And I just added something really sad to Burning Roses, and blah blah blah.... It's affecting my writing now. And again, I'm dying to write The Last. I'm listening to a depressing playlist, and it's getting me nowhere, but closer to murdering one of my characters. Not Jeff this time... maybe Sorrow, or maybe even Teadeus, possibly Sorrow's dad, Ramon. Ugh. Well, I gotta go check if this guy is online.

Greetings from Jupiter,


Music Playlists?

I was bored yesterday so I decided to make a few random playlists. I used songs twice, yes. They're really still in progress though, so I might not have a lot of songs ;)

Burning Roses Playlist

Gary Jules - Mad World

Jem - Falling for You

Paramore - Riot

Paramore - Decode

Sugarcult - Counting Stars

Jem - Missing You

Tegan - You Wouldn't Like Me

The Last Playlist

Muse - Time is Running Out

Sugarcult - Counting Stars

Simple Plan - Shut Up

Evanescence - Wake Me Up Inside

Sugarcult - Pretty Girl

Evanescence - Lithium

That's what I have so far. I've listened to each of these songs over and over, and I know that they're perfect for certain moments. I especially want to thank Adam Lambert for singing Mad World by Gary Jules, and making me notice the song. That song made me realize that I was going the wrong way in Burning Roses, and without that song, Jeff would probably be dead by now.

Yours truly,

Ugh... Writing Addiction

I think I'm addicted to writing. :P I thought of the story I was going to do for NaNoWriMo, and now I'm dying to write it! O.o Ugh, I hate this. I really need to start Burning Roses up again. I started writing it last year, but I took a break over the summer. Bleck, this means more working... oh well. I'm off to start the editing process of Burning Roses chapters 1-6....

Stay pretty,