Flabby Season

Ah, yes. Summer. The season of flabby children sitting and playing video games all day.
Okay, maybe not with everybody.
I certainly do not sit all summer, but I also do not excersise like I do during the school year. Ick. I can't balance anymore (I've lost my ballerina-ness xD), I can only just barely do the spilts, and I can't even ride a bike up a steep hill. Well, actually the only person I know that can ride up that hill is Alison, my super-human, in-shape, ninja-powered friend. But still. I am so out of shape. :P
Yesterday, Hannah and Alison rode their bikes over to my house at 12:45. Anyone who knows me during the summer knows that I'm still drinking coffee and in my pajamas at 12:45. They're all in their clothes and biking backpacks and converse. I'm all still half-awake, with a giant cup of coffee, and my hair's a mess. So we talk for awhile, and then they head off to go on the bridge and wave at people on the highway.
They come back about two hours later, and I'm awake this time. I took a shower, put on make-up and clothes. So then we went over to Alison's for pizza and a short stop. After, we rode over to Hannah's house, over the hill.
Hannah and I are the average kid at our school. We don't excersise unless we absolutely have to. We're both kinda slowly making our way up, and Alison's all up ahead like "wow, this is easy!" I laugh so hard. :D
We make it her house, which of course the rest of the ride is easy. We end up spending an hour or two coloring this giant wizard poster like crazy. It's amazing looking now. x)
On the way back home however, I had to go back up the hill, lol. Nice.
So yesterday I excersised for probably the first time this season. *yay*

I also made two more pictures. I think they're okay. It took me less time now.
So this was okay I think. I had trouble drawing this one.

This I really like the colors in. C+C for these??

Off to go work today. I'll probably be back around 2:00 or 3.

Workin' hard for her money,


  1. Bwahahaha! First to comment once again! :D
    When I read about you having a ninja-like friend, I thought to myself "Don't we all?"
    Love those pictures. The green one's really cute.

  2. *roll eyes* Yes, my extremely elite and talented ninja-writer has gone flabby. Puh-lease. I'll believe it when I see it.
    Stay pretty, doll face.

  3. Of course, care not to draw a pic of me, KT old pal?
    Have fun with your non-fittness. Would love to see your spazzy morning hair XD

    Luh-v yuh,