So remember when I told you about me getting better at coloring? I've tried a different style this time, and I want you to give some C+C. (Sorry if this is a boring post. 11:00 in the morning is way too early for me.)
That literally took an hour or two, zoomed into 400%. I kinda like it...?
Yesterday the British gave in and I no longer have to buy a British DVD player! Yayyyy! I bought Dorian Gray and watched the movie until midnight (also an earthquake happened. 3.6). It was rated R, which I found funny because in the book it wasn't like that. The movie was actually pretty good, but a couple times, the camera angles had spasms, and some of the blood effects were... eh. Other than that, I think the English did a pretty good rendition on Oscar Wilde's classic. I've also heard that the story is making a nice comeback. People are buying it more.
Ben Barnes did a wonderful portraying of Dorian, and I think he did an awesome job. In the book, Dorian Gray was blonde with blue eyes, but I could never imagine him any other way without black hair and brown eyes. Ironic how Ben Barnes looks a lot like Oscar Wilde himself.
I think that there was a nice life lesson added, and I rather enjoyed how Harry was used in the movie. He represented an influence and possibly a Devil's Advocate. Poor Dorian however had no parents or family to lead him right from wrong. Oh! And they also used one of my favorite quotes from the book, although Emily said it instead of Harry. :P
Anyway... that was pretty offtopic. All in all, I enjoyed the movie, but in the same time do not reccommend it for small children. Lots of sexual content, blood, (severed body parts?), and some drug use. Not something to show anyone earlier than 13.  So beware, strict parents!
Well, I'm off to doodle some more in my new sketchbook (whee!).

Never a skeptic or cynic,
Junior polemist,


  1. Oh my God!! I MUST buy that movie NOOOOWWWWW!!! I can't believe they didn't advertise it or anything. :/
    And nice picture, haha. That's how you look? Nice.

  2. Check blockbuster, Mel. My friend said she found it there.

  3. Hahaha, nice drawing...of yourself ;) I never sent you a pic of meh hair, I'll do do soon, promise ;) Miss youz!!


  4. Long time no see, lovey! I miss my purple-headed writer who has awesome coffee!
    Puh-lease. Ben Barnes is much hotter as a heartless devil than he is as Prince Caspian. xD