Of Art & Dancing

Why doesn't our nubby little town do anything fun? Whyyyyy?

I'm feeling rather artsy today. Just another one of those days, hahaha. (:
What I really want to do is find my pastels and work with them, or make chalk art... if I had smooth sidewalk and bright-colored chalk, that is. Which I don't.
Ooorrrrr.... I kinda have the urge to paint something. But those never turn out any good. :D Then again... I did find that blank canvas in the garage today...

Okay! Moving on now. (: My cousins are coming soon, and I just got done with the dance recital yesterday!
Cotton Eye Joe was totally awesome! Even if I looked like an eight-year-old. :D
The Can-Can was pretty cool as well. We finally got the kick-line down at the last minute!
Stupid Cupid was, surprisingly, pretty fun to do. I totally sugared it up, because that's what I do in recitals lol.
Chorus Line was... ASDDGNASDGOKJASDFKLJSADF. So AWESOME. No Words. NO WORDS. I didn't get very good pictures of it, but I have a short snipet of a video of the kick-line, which was AAAHH! :D
All in all, I lurved the recital and I'm so glad it came together. (: Thanks to Lauri and all of the awesome people who worked on it. Shout out to my amazing dance friends! And a good luck to Julianna and Cassidy! Have an awesome time in college! (:

I'm really going to miss going to dance this summer. And I'm reeeeeaaally excited for The Lion King next year as our recital! I think I may have to go watch that movie now. (:

Party on Wayne,


A Cloudy Summer...

...is my dream. No offense to the Sun or Sun-lovers, but I positively abhore how hot it is. Especially in the valley. :P This morning was cloudy for about an hour, and I was extremely happy to not wake up with the hot sun blinding me. (:

Well! Good morning world and all who inhabit it! :D

I have recieved some pretty disturbing news... to me at least, lol. http://news.thedoctorwhosite.co.uk/no-full-2012-doctor-who-series/ What is this?!? D:

In other news... (Spoliers are now happening if you haven't watched Season 6 of Doctor Who!) I KNEW IT. As soon as Amy named her daughter Melody, I was all... "RIVER SONG. Ohmehgod that is HER." I called it. Yes.
AAAND, I also called that it was River who shot the Doctor, which must be true now that we have established that child=Melody=River... right? That's my logic, haha.
And what the hell? Remember at the end of "Day of the Moon" when the girl regenerated in front of a hobo?? Does River have a timehead or what?! Hahaha. I must know. Now.

Moving on. Some of you who follow me on dA have asked, "Why for you no post journals? D: " Weeelll, to answer "Why for" I don't: Simply, because I post here! I mean... if I were to ever post a journal there, I'd probably just copy & paste these posts into them, haha. I am lazy that way. I could do that though. So if you want me to, just say so, lol. (:

Oh, and by the way, summer is here! :D Eh, not really, but school is out at least! :DD Summer begins officially in four days. (:

Because I am out of school, I have more time to do useless things! Yay! Hahahha. (:

Literary news:
I finished Boneshaker, finally. (: Fantastic read if you have the time! I loved it. Cherie Priest is a born steampunk author. The AU universe was stunningly creative and had all the things we teenagers want (besides romance, because who needs love anyway?): zombies, steampunk, guns, amazing characters, strong female roles, and the average stupid teen who thinks he can do anything. (: Beautiful story.
I started reading The Mortal Instruments series. I like it so far. I'm on the second book, but I haven't read it in some time. Good, all the same.
Also... I have no summer assignments for my classes next year. To be honest, I was kind of hoping to get a few. I'm such a nerd, lol. Only because I was looking forward to having something to do this summer, you know? Whatevs.

I write really long posts... So I must stop here.

Stay Golden,