Epic. Fail.

Title says all! (a) I forgot to post December...oops. (b) The Last is moving very veryyyyy sloooowlyyyy. and (c) I've read almost an entire 5 book series over the winter break. oing by too FAST! So now I am afraid to read the 5th and last of the series....
On the other hand... I've been slowing down with my drawing craze, but I've still got a lot up. I should probably scan them to show you guys, and I'll do that later. Hopefully. ;) Lemme see how much I've done since my last post.
Pics of Al & Rory: 3
Random Fairy: 1
The Last Characters: 6
--Illusen (2)
--Arona (1)
--Ella & Thea (2)
--Aislinn (1)
Scott's Characters: 4
--Zane (1)
--Tally (3)
Turn Loose the Angels Characters: 26 (oh God.)
--Alice Hadeson (Death) (7)
--James Darcy (3)
--Oliver Larson (2)
--Kate Darcy (Death's Intern) (9)
--Edgar Memphis (Evil) (3)
--Dominic Jefferson (Love) (2)
--Ginger Darcy (1)
Harry Potter Characters: 7
--Ron (2)
--Fleur (2)
--Hermione (1)
--Viktor (1)
Other Characters: 3
Sarah Maq: 2
Friends: 5
Percy Jackson series Characters: 4
--Zoe Nightshade (1)
--Percy Jackson (1)
--Annabeth Chase (1)
--Rachel Elizabeth Dare (1)
Burning Roses Characters: 4
--Cara (2)
--Avaric <3 (1)
--Lucina (1)
--Cleo (1)
Volleyballs Hurtling Towards People's Heads: 2
Me!: 2
Stuff that Mrs. Stocks pushes me to draw xP : 14
-- Scary Pony, Ovelia's Mirror, Belikov Ancestor Cloak, the Moartea, Cara's Bracelet, the Seers' sign, Cara's necklace, Cliffside (2), Shoes, Bell on a ribbon, Skippy Peanut butter...*no comment*

Well that's enough of that... (This list is not including the several paintings I've made) O.o Too much stuff to type in for now. I'll, again, attempt to keep you updated!

Welcoming you to Crazy Artist Land,

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