Quantum Physics

Hum dee dum hummm... Ha! You silly people thought this was going to be about Quantum Physics? Trust me guys. I'm not that crazy. Most of the time.
Anyway, I went to the homepage of this site to check things out and I saw the last post I made. At first I thought it said "Quantum Physics" so I was kinda like "?!?!". I then realized it said  "Quicky Pics." Heh.
I've been so busy lately, what with the camping trip, Halloween, and NaNoWriMo coming up soon. But, garwsh, when am I not busy? I need to think of another excuse.
Today, I spent a lot of my time just browsing the pulchritudinous of deviantART. I love that site. :)
I never told you guys that I got a tablet for my birthday! <3 It's amazing. I made a lot of crappy doodles with it already, but I still love it. Here's some stuff:
A little promo picture of a short story I wrote. I may continue it later. It's just about a girl who sees herself as hideous, causing other people to see her the same way. The only compliment she's ever gotten was on her hair. Yeah.. that's pretty much the nubby plotline there. ^^

Um. This is the first thing I drew on the tablet... at like 11:30 at night. I was still trying to figure out how a new program worked as well.
And an awkwardly drawn Snape. Just what everyone wants. Yay!
So I've been busy. Follow-up post coming soon!

Just trippin'

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