County Science Fair & Other Stressful Components of My Life

County Science Fair
Day 1: I'm ready! I'm ready!!
Day 2: Wooooooo!
Day 10: Heh... still fun..!
Day 15: *snore* ...
Day 30: OH MEH GOD COUNTY APP..!!! *frantic typing* MOVE computer MOOOOOVE!!!!
Day 41: *twitch* So... what you're saying is... my bacteria was "snowed-in" at New York...?!?!?!?!
Day 50: Eeewww! What the **** is that growing in the agar?!?!
Day 55: O.O Inching ever so closer to the deadline...

Salutations my not-as-stressful-scholars! :D As you can see, county science fair is almost here. Forgive me for not adding a "yay" in that sentence. I've only just conducted my experiment so...
And GUESS WHAT? I have a project due in ev-er-y claaasss! Yayayayaya! *cough* ... -__- Yeeeaahhh... that was sarcastic. The only good thing about it, is that our core teacher has extended the deadline for our history proj to after County. *now THAT is a yay* See, before, she had posted it as the day BEFORE County Science Fair. Which, as you can see, I am already freaked out as it is, so that is just not the thing I wanted to hear last week. (What I really wanted to hear was, "Oh my God, Katelyn! You work soooo hard, I think I'll give you an A+ all quarter long!!" But that's just not gonna happen now, is it?) Anyways, back on track, Mrs. Stocks accentuated the deadline by making it about a week longer. *HooooooRAH!* :
My authoring life? I'm glad you asked! Recently, I was paid for a job of designing the back of a sweatshirt for a dance company. It went awesomeeee!! :D So, I made a simpled little design around a short poem:

We dance for laughter,
We dance for tears,
We dance for maddness,
We dance for fears,
We dance for hopes,
We dance for screams,
We are the dancers,
We create the dreams.

Now isn't that cute? Lol. Well, the owner loved it and I got $100, and I guess she said something about 15% commission. I'm just happy that I got it done. I have a framed version of it on my desktop all pretty-like. ^^
So that's really all that's gone on so far. Again, I shall try to post again soon, but considering my schedule.... eh.. not as likely as before. :P We'll see!

Wishing myself luck,

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