I Will be Chasing Your Starlight

Title in reference to what I'm listening to at the moment. Starlight by Muse. ^^

Ugh. I am strangely bereft to ideas on what to write about. Please people, tell me what you want in a blog that you read. I'm so oblivious.

Well, recently, I bought Leviathan in hardback because I couldn't wait a month longer. So far, it's amazing, and I think I'm falling in love with Steampunk all over again. Later, I'll draw a picture and show it to you guys. The 2nd book in the trilogy, Behemoth, comes out in October this year, and Goliath exactly a year after. I am extremely excited. So is Hannah because she's really gotten into it to.
So Disney has come out with a new pin collection called "The Mechanical Kingdom," a steampunk version. I think its great, and I'll probably have to get at least one next time I go. I personally think that they should come out with a ride for it. Scott agrees with me, lol.
Yay! My friend Brianna has finally opened up her site to the public. It's called WHCCC and it's a site for critique on writings that you make and can post there. Very helpful for a writer. You can get some good honest answers.

Anyway... recently I've also found out that my dad's boss and a friend from Boston really wants to buy my NaNoWriMo story. O.o So, against my vows as it is, I'm putting it up for sale soon sometime in August perhaps. So if any of you are crazy enough to actually buy it from me, I'll give you the link when it's there.

I guess I found something to tell you all. But, please, still tell me what you want out of this. Just wanting to make sure this is not a waste of time for you all, haha.

Happy trails,


  1. HA! First comment again. >:)
    I think you're doing great with this blog already, lol. I'm usually just looking for something funny here and there, and I absolutely love your artwork! :)
    I am so going to buy The Last when it comes out! How much will you be selling it for?

  2. Eh... probably like $5.25 or something. It's only 180 pages or so.

  3. I could probably picture you with brass goggles and an aviator hat. Hahaha, Steampunk Kate. Draw a pic of yourself like that and send it to me, kay? :D