Bipolar Maniacs & Unfortunate Alliances

"So it doesn't have a name?"
"As a great man once said, 'to define is to limit.'" She winked.
"That man was a fictional character."
"And so are you if you think about it."

Ten cookies to whoever can figure out which two people are included in that conversation. ;D

Well, many apologies to anyone who has been waiting for my next post. My internet's been down for more than two weeks now, and I've been limited in its use. I've also just been settling into school (and I know some of you have just started). However, (and excuse me if I get off-topic and start typing song lyrics) I am very excited to tell you all about my new ideas for another story (good heavens, yes) that some of you already know of. Most don't, so here we go.

This will be my NaNoWriMo for 2012 (wow I plan ahead) and currently the story has no name. But hey, The Last started that way too, and see where that is. :) Anyway, I've got several drawn-out characters already, although the main character has no name (which should come first, I know). I have a couple other characters I'm thinking about adding as well, but I've got doubts.
The main sitch is that this guy (let's call the main character Billiam for now)... Billiam is a struggling writer in Victorian London who needs a break very, very badly. He ends up stumbling upon a carnival(which he could have sworn was not there before *heh*) that has absolutely no name.
The person in charge, also the ringmaster, is named Jaqueline. No surname, just Jaqueline. Jackie is never seen in a different mood than the smirk on her face and the tip of her hat. Not many know much about her.
There are many many unique acts in the carnival, inlcuding a Were-fox named Warren(he's... weird. and color-blind), a bipolar maniac named Cassidy Thomas(she's the one who manages the carnival's income and money and boring stuff like that), and a dancing doll named Lorraine. Lorraine has troubles with herself, condsidering she knows she's not even supposed to be alive.
In fact, most of the people in this story have troubles.
Haunting the area is the personification of fear itself. No, he's not a ghost. I'm not into that stuff. His name is Jabber.
Sorry if it's a tad bit dark, but it's one of the best pictures I've got him. Well best that I have on hand. The rest are in my sketchbook. (And trust me, he is so painstakingly difficult to draw.) So Jabber's basic description is that he steals children in the night, he has one injured eye(hence the squinting one in every picture, mind you), he can't handle sun or light (cliche, but that's how his eye was hurt), and he can possess a person/create new life in his control. Thus, creating Hanna Nereshade.
Hanna is a suductive demon-type creature, in which she can take the souls of anyone daring to get too close. Her dead giveaway that she's part of Jabber is that her eyes are a glowing yellow, an unfortunate gene that always is passed down to his creations.
Now, for the alliance, Jaqueline is somehow affiliated with Jabber, and I'm not going to tell how or why, because that will just spoil the whole thing, now won't it? I'm especially excited about this little plunnie here. It's rather sad actually, but that's all good. ;)
So Billiam of course has to fit in somewhere. Billiam's been hired to write something for an act(in which I'm still developing the character for that particular act), and he just can't help but notice a couple out-of-place items in his new home. The ringmaster may be hiding a few things. Well, actually OF COURSE she has to be hiding something. No one can be that cool without having some sort of evil motive. Eh, but I'm not saying she's evil. Just insanely clever.

So that's about it. I hope I haven't forgotten anything. I've thought this out pretty well I think. And I can tell that Panic! at the Disco is going to be my favorite thing to listen to when I write this. Brenden Urie just has the perfect voice, and their music is where I've gotten most of these ideas from. :D

Rather long post, me thinks. Me also thinks I should close this. Gotta love that good grammar from back in the day. ^^



  1. Wow, I follow this blog closely.
    Billiam and Jaqueline! You owe me ten cookies, love.
    Yes! Allons-y!!! I am NOT the only one who says that! ^^
    I love you so much! :D

  2. Great story skeleton I think so far. Sounds like it'll be a good one. Can't wait to see it!

    Allons-y Alonso.

  3. Sounds good, KT! ( Jaqueline and Billiam are having hte convo... ) That was easy. *Easy button time* Anyway, good job, can't wait to read it. :)