Oh, It's Only Begun

Yes, yes it has.

A shout out to everyone who reads this insane thing I call a blog: Love you!
And I didn't say that just because I'm about to start one of my crazy streaks.

As a lot have noticed, I don't post as often as I'd like to (yeah right. pssh. what am I doing here with my time??).  School and dance and whatnot. *cough*notthatI'msketchingallthetime*coughcough* I just haven't the time to do anything these days. I'm slowly and surely playing the piano more often (very slowly, mind you). Practicing with Neutron Star Collision for all the awesome people who know what that is. (And if you don't, do not go all up in google looking it up so you can be awesome too, haha). Yush, so anyway... To be frank, I've been sketching more than often, but less than I'd like, but I still have other things to do, etc. If that made sense to you, welcome, my friend, to Planet Insanity. I'm sure you'll recognize a few people here.
Paragraph Break! Ha.
One more. And now, for the daily grammatical lesson of yours truly. Lesson: Do not eeeevvver make grammatical errors in front of me(or behind me or next to me). I mean, you could, but I guarantee the next thing I say will annoy you if you don't like being corrected, and today my new friend has showed me why this is such an important thing.
YES! So pleeeease use your commas wisely. And don't mix up "than" and "then." That's just trying to bug me, eh?
Moving on! Allons-y!

Some of you have noticed the little countdown dinglehopper (or as Ten might say: timey-wimey, wibbly-wobbly, mess-of a-thing). And it's exactly that! Or really a coutdown to the release of Behemoth!! Yesss! My amazing friend Scott let me use it for the time-being. I so happy, hee hee.
I am so very excited for the release, two days before my birthday, AND Zombies vs. Unicorns has come out! I am heading to the nearest book store to get it. I. Am. Hysteric.
Holly Black is so going down! Bwahahaha!
Back to Behemoth of course. I am very annoyed to say that Scott has found an awesome artist before me.
This is a nice example, but I never pictured Alek with brunette hair. Huh. I always pictured him blonde, but oh well, I think I remember something mentioning this color. Ha, well this is Allison B. Thomas, an awesome artist who can draw hands with ease (a life's dream for me, as some of you know). Oh, and caption-wise: this is a little picture that Scott commissioned with Alek and Deryn.
I'll try to feature some other artists I find later on. I have a few in mind already. :D

Well, I'm hoping this isn't too long, so I'll close it up now. (Too many pictures in this post. ^^)

Two-fro an Afro,


  1. YAUS! my first time being first to comment! Soooo happy about this! Anyhoo, I must go get this book now, even though I have like, three other new un-started books to read! I must go get Zombies vs. Unicorns!
    Good luck beating Scott to the artist,
    *coughcough* *sick*

  2. Curses. Foiled again.
    Must be first to post next time. :)

    Hahaha "two-fro an afro!" I remember that! Ha, silly walrus-aroo.
    Yes, love, let us eat Grandpa. ;)

    Your favorite Saraaahh