It's so Good, It's Horrible!

I love my schedule this year. I used to have a somewhat scary Ms. Gomez for PE, but now I have the awesomest teacher, Mr. Fucella!! It's so cool, because I love all of my teachers this year, which has almost never happened before! My science teacher is awesome, because we're doing life science instead of Bleh Earth Science. Plus, almost all of her lesson plans are fun(except disecting... EEWWW!!!). My math teacher is suuuper nice, but she's also a little bit scary, because she smiles all the time and I think she's obsessed with butterflies O.o --No comment...
My other teacher who does LangArts, SocStudies, & Reading is pretty cool too though. She's nice, and she has tons of cool history projects, and a lot of writing stuff(yay).
Only thing is, Safieh, Genesis, and Shelby don't have my lunch!!!! Or any of my classes!!!! It's quite disturbing.... and a bit depressing.... I think Mr. Tomasello is out to get me lol. I miss last year's core class! Ugh.

Hopelessly clueless,

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