Music Playlists?

I was bored yesterday so I decided to make a few random playlists. I used songs twice, yes. They're really still in progress though, so I might not have a lot of songs ;)

Burning Roses Playlist

Gary Jules - Mad World

Jem - Falling for You

Paramore - Riot

Paramore - Decode

Sugarcult - Counting Stars

Jem - Missing You

Tegan - You Wouldn't Like Me

The Last Playlist

Muse - Time is Running Out

Sugarcult - Counting Stars

Simple Plan - Shut Up

Evanescence - Wake Me Up Inside

Sugarcult - Pretty Girl

Evanescence - Lithium

That's what I have so far. I've listened to each of these songs over and over, and I know that they're perfect for certain moments. I especially want to thank Adam Lambert for singing Mad World by Gary Jules, and making me notice the song. That song made me realize that I was going the wrong way in Burning Roses, and without that song, Jeff would probably be dead by now.

Yours truly,


  1. No way! I love Mad World. Brilliant and enchanting! Really?? Jeff would've died!? God, what kind of depression did you go through to want to murder him? Lol, glad you heard that song. I praise Adam and Gary!!


  2. Wow, I agree with you there Melanie. I worship those two! Mmmm, I like Sugarcult and Muse... I just listened to "Missing You". Is that in Lucina's point of view? It reminds me A LOT of Jade and "Unknown Caller"(*wink wink*) on Westbrook. I can so see Jem singing that if Westbrook was a movie lol. Good luck with your stories, and please don't kill anyone! ;)


  3. :) Yeah that one is Lucina's POV. It's hard for her to think about her daughter, and how her husband is missing, so I thought that was a good choice. :) And yeah it sounds a lot like Jade and UC. It would be great for them, actually. I just reread all of the texts they sent back and forth. It makes me sad how they're not together anymore.... Only a few people know about their relationship before Westbrook, so it makes it all the more fun. I've already got a bunch of questions from people. They're all dying to know who he is! :D I reeeeallyy want to reveal who he is, but I don't think it's the right time. Guess I'll have to wait. :)

  4. Looks like someone is happier than she was yesterday. Is there a particular reason for that...?

  5. No reason... :) Justin and I talked, so I feel a bit better than I did.

  6. I can think of a few reasons of why you're happier than usual... Should I ask Justin?

  7. Good luck. He won't tell you anyway. :) Besides, it's not what you think..

  8. Hmm... Well, I've got a pretty good idea. I'll ask Eric. Knowing him, I'm sure he's figured it out by now.

  9. I doubt it, Cody, but go ahead and try. It doesn't really matter anyway. :)

  10. Whatever Kate. I'll figure it out soon enough.. At least your depression is over. :/