WOW! I'm busy!

God, I've been crazy busy this year, and not only because of NaNoWriMo(yay it has started ^^ Day 15!)! School has been killing me lately. My supposedly good core teacher, Mrs. Stocks, is such a weirdo!! She talks all monotone and dresses like an Amish pilgrim O.o It disturbs me greatly. She can teach well for someone so drab, but she sucks at teaching grammar(luckily I follow people well, and I know most of this stuff [plus I have photographic memory, so surely that helps as well.] ). Half the class fails every test, and it is pretttyyy sad.
On the other hand, my math teacher is just plain crazy! She belongs in the loony bin... She's pregnant so she gets mood swings all the time, and gives out detentions when she's in a bad mood. Another thing is she's OBSESSED with butterflies and smiles like a phsycotic maniac. Other than that, she's not so bad though. She's easy on the homework load, and lucky for me, she's also obsessed with purple, which I have a streak of in my hair. She adores me, but whatev...
I love my science teacher though! She's strict and not a lot of other people like her, but so far, she's my favorite! It's nice how she makes the day go by faster. All in all, I'm spazzingly busy, and that is why I've been late with my posts here.
NaNoWriMo is here though! Yeah!!! I've gotten a great start, and we are all half way through the month! I'm at 17,000 so far( a couple thousand behind, but it's all good) and I'm very happy because today I wrote 6k, and I didn't break a sweat! I'm quite proud of of myself, and I hope I can make it this month! I'll try to be more continuous with my posts!

Ta ta for now!

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