AHHH! I am freaking out right now... I have waaaaaaaaay too much work to do.

  1. I am still annoyed because I'm dying to write The Last... So I'm franticly trying to perfect the outline of the story, which is killing me.
  2. I haven't seen any of my friends throughout almost the entire summer...
  3. I have 247 unread messages and I am scared to read them all. Or let alone attempt to.
  4. I just worked two hours on a play, and we're barely only HALF way done!! >.<
  5. I haven't done anything for three days, and I'm hopelessly behind.
  6. I'm trying to moderate six websites in between it all.
  7. According to my Canadian buddy, I am waaaaaaaaybehind in my assignments for GH...
  8. I have no way of contacting my ninja who is supposed to be helping me through this stuff...
  9. I am seriously paranoid about everything...
  10. And school starts in 10 DAYS!!!!!! >.<

This is not lookin too good right now... O.o

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