Is it the end of summer, or am I just depressed?

Ugh, I really need more summer before I go to school. I'm absolutely dreading it. Only two weeks away for me, which annoys me because a lot of people I know have three or four weeks... >.< Plus I've been going through some trouble with one of my friends, who gets dangerously depressed sometimes, which now has resulted in me being depressed.... And I just added something really sad to Burning Roses, and blah blah blah.... It's affecting my writing now. And again, I'm dying to write The Last. I'm listening to a depressing playlist, and it's getting me nowhere, but closer to murdering one of my characters. Not Jeff this time... maybe Sorrow, or maybe even Teadeus, possibly Sorrow's dad, Ramon. Ugh. Well, I gotta go check if this guy is online.

Greetings from Jupiter,


  1. Come on, Kate. It can't be so horrible. He's fine really. I told him how much you were freaking out and he started freaking out now. See? YOUR the key to his destruction. It's not his fault. He said to turn that music off right now, and to come and talk. now. I think you should do what he says. You better not just ignore me.

  2. I know I'm the key to his own desctruction. He's told me that before, and I do believe him, which worries me. Again with the worrying... Sigh. This is never going to end, is it? I don't want him to be all stressed over me. It'll just make it worse for me, and if he knows anything about what I'm posting, then he's sure to explode. Please don't let him know about this. I don't want to destroy him really, and it will if he knows. So shut it, please. I'm going to go and talk to him though.

  3. Hee hee! Depression over! lol :D