Last Week of NaNo!

Whoo! Yay, for NaNoWriMo! I feel exhilarated right now. Seriously. My word count I finally caught up with, and currently I'm at 44,627! Yaaaaayyy!!! I can't believe how fast it went by too! Sigh, well at least I'm almost there. Three more days to finish. I'm in love with my story (even though every other normal person would think it extremely crappy! :D ), but the thing that frightens me is that I'm at least 40k in, but... I'm only on Chapter 2?!?!?! That is not normal. Oh well. :P
So it's been fun this month, and I can't believe that Christmas decor is already commin' down. It's crazy! All I know is that NaNo '09 has left me with 2.4% of my sanity!

Greetings from NaNo Land,

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