Yes, everything! I've got so much to tell y'all. :D
So fast-forwarding a bit... ziiiiiiiipp! I've recently gotten into Chameleon Circuit and I listen a lot to Charlie McDonnell (but I've been doing that forever, haha). I finally saw the 5th season of Doctor Who, and how exciting it was!
Matt Smith brings back a lot of how the old Doctor Who was in Tom Baker's heyday. A tad bit of drama but lot's of fun with wit and humor in between. Of course, Tennant had some episodes like that too. But Smith is really bringing it out with shining victory! Love it.
I watched Doctor Who at the Proms and the new Christmas Special (in which I LOVED. One of the best of the 5th season by far.). So Doctor Who, Eleventh Doctor-wise,  is so far impressing me. (:

Back tracking now! Back to November. I completed my second year of NaNoWriMo! I got a winner's t-shirt (and for Christmas I actually got a NaNo sweatshirt too). :D I actually finished my 50k in Disneyland! That was pretty cool for me. Which leads me to...
Yesh, I went to Disneyland again this year! It was pretty fun, considering all of the Tron promotions going on. There was a special promotion that was called "ElecTRONica" that I especially enjoyed. It was a really cool night club-ish thing for teens that was open after the park closed. Even better, for one night only, the winners of America's Best Dance Crew performed! I got to see it front row, and got the entire show on my phone's video camera. The sound quality was crappy, but I got all the moves. :D ElecTRONica also provided a 9 minute 3D sneak peek at the movie in IMAX with special FX. This was of course before the movie came to theaters. It was pretty awesome. (:
I met a couple cool dancers while there, but not enough to get their phone numbers lol (audience *aww*). So that was that.

For Christmas, I got a nice camera, a new sketchbook, prismacolor pencils(!!), a monocle(bwahaha), a pound of chocolate bar(:D), a book about Steampunkery and one about Sock Monkeys(lol), many hats, a pretty cool jacket, a NaNoWriMo sweatshirt, and lots of muse! I drew a lot on Christmas Day.
If you want to see any of these drawings, just check out my Facebook, or my deviantART page. I'm much too lazy to post any. Oh and if you didn't know, my deviantART is: http://countingmystars.deviantart.com/

Anyhoo. Lately I've just been hanging around, fiddling with ideas for my various stories, and doodling like mad. I finished Unwind by Neil Shusterman. It was ahhmazingg! You all must read it. This book doesn't have as many readers as it should. Thank you Alison for introducing it to me!
I started reading that Vampire Academy series again last night, desparate for something to read. It's not so bad. I'm waiting to get to a book store to buy Zombies vs. Unicorns or Clockwork Angel... or maybe even Mortal Instruments, since I know so many people that liked it. I've always tended to steer away from books about people with wings, but after a couple years, I guess I'm giving in, hahaha.
I've decided that I'm going to be a Dalek for Halloween next year also. Yep, it shall be pretty awesome. Can't wait. (:

I go back to school on Wednesday (D:). Noooo! I am quite sad. But I'm already halfway through the year. Yay...? Meh.
Well, that's about it, haha. Sums up most of everything. Alas, I've forgotten the rest. :D

My first post of 2011. Ta ta.

Bread! Bread!


  1. Nice to hear from LFDN again!
    Glad that life is good, haha. (: YES, read Mortal Instruments, and I shall read Unwind for you!
    Badgers!!! <3

  2. Lol, yes, badgers. You've got yourself a deal, McQuacker. :)

  3. If I ever get a badger, I shall name it Charlie II.
    Matt Smith is all: BADGER BADGER!
    And Karen: YOU'RE a badger! :DD
    I read Mortal Instruments. It wasn't as bad as it sounds, haha.

  4. I love your deviant art, Katelyn. Write on!