Mind Control

What? A post from Katelyn? How is this possible?!

You haven't heard from me since Christmas! That's crazy! We must fix that.

Well, to start you off, it's been six months. Which means I can put off Turn Loose the Angels no further. Well... I could, but I should not! D: So I will attempt to finish it before the deadline for my "free proof copy" lol. (:

In other news, County Science Fair is over! It has been for like... two or three months. O.o And YEAH! I placed again! I was so very happy to hear that! Unfortunately, I was in Virginia when the ceremony was, but my science teacher picked up my stuff. I got first place in my category! Aaannd I won first place in my school's science fair as well. :) (WOT? This is MADNESS!) So that was all pretty awesome. My excruciatingly painful work has paid off. :D

Now the reason I was in Virginia that day was that I went on my eighth grade trip to Washington D.C., which was so very full of awesomeness. After spending three days there, we headed off to Philadelphia for a day, and then to New York. I think New York was probably the funnest for most of the people on the trip because it was less of a learning experience and more excitement really. However, I loved New York (being the creepy nerd I am) because of all the history. Ellis Island was super awesome, because I found a bunch of family members who passed through there. Aaaannd, I passed by a house where my great grandparents had lived in Little Italy. Was pretty coooool.

Doctor Who has started up again in America! WOOOO! Hahaha. Steven Moffat is such a genius; this is why Russel T. Davies will never be appreciated. (: I absolutely adored the way that the new season has opened up. The Silence is now added to my list of amazing Doctor Who monsters! River still annoys me, but a little bit less now that we've seen more of her. But Amy! I don't understand why she treats Rory the way she does. I love Rory, and he deserves much better. She needs to just stop flirting with the Doctor so he can be happy. D:

In other news, I've been drawing a lot. As always. I feel like I say the same thing in every post, lol. I feel like I'm sort of improving? But I also find my style leaning closer and closer to a cartoon-ish style. I don't know. Just go check out my deviantART because I have some serious mind control over y'all. >:D

Oh, and my life's dream is to get a pet llama.

School is so close to being over that it's sad! Something about Spring Break just makes kids want to give up on school. D: Especially me. And... guh! Alison and Safieh won't be here on Thursday or Friday, so I will have loneliness in Science class. D: Depressssssiioooonnn. *sigh*

I must stop procrastinating and finish my novel!! D:

Hugs & Kisses,


  1. Finish that novel, Kate! I WILL read it!

  2. Good luck finishing! Took me forever to finish mine, but I did it. And THAT'S saying something, knowing me. ;)